recently, Gome online chairman Mou Guixian published "the electricity supplier for the electricity supplier status" eulogy of a text, widespread concern in the industry and the media, although this does not exclude the United States online marketing may, some of the content in this thesis is to let people have a certain understanding of the electricity supplier cruel situation, but also a lot of people began to worry about the future the development of the electricity supplier industry, electricity industry how to go out into the status quo of benign development pattern is the industry issues of common concern. I read this article a little bit of feeling, here to share with you, improper place also hope that everyone in the industry. read more

by the electricity market several dominant situation continues to develop, the ordinary people in the eyes of the concept of electronic commerce completed shop from electronic and network transactions to Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, replacing every guest, Suning and settled. People are more focused on the use of the existing electricity supplier platform, and before the fiery concept of independent electricity supplier has been put on the "not dead" shadow.

independent electricity supplier really can not live anymore, read more

, the first major industry brand campus activities raging like a storm.

there is no doubt that China’s 27 million college students market, many businesses are optimistic about. Each big brand operators is killed every year resorted to exhaust all the skills, inextricably involved in the new school time, such as the field of communications three operators, China Mobile, China Unicom, Chinese China Telecom the leading position for several years. Among them, China Mobile a slight advantage, especially the M-Zone successful launch, Jay Chou’s perfect endorsement completely conquered countless boys and girls, of course, the line is full of Kung Fu sponsored numerous, campus activities during the. 2009 Tianyi turned out to take away most of the country, the Telecom is also under the foot, in each big university publicity column is crazy for advertising, it is only that telecom operators do, any other brands are difficult to match. However, Tianyi debut, internal heat is not in place, but not the quality of advertising marketing, must first staking. read more

recently, a number of 1 stores, vice president of the level of executive positions to mobilize, there are also WAL-MART electricity supplier team stationed in store 1 executives. At the same time, WAL-MART home category own brand Ming court, love Yi election SE also quietly embarked on the No. 1 store shelves, and marked the WAL-MART owned goods, shop No. 1 exclusive network sales.

yesterday, 1 shop insiders to the first financial daily confirmed the news.

in August this year, WAL-MART holding 1 of the transaction was approved by the Ministry of commerce. The former holds the latter shares from the original 17.7% to $51%. October, WAL-MART announced that the integration with the 1 shop is underway. read more

before the article I have highlighted the importance of user experience, user experience including pre-sale, sale three aspects of customer service, and customer service, logistics businesses are often forgotten and neglected, so today to share with you is the matters needing attention in the process of electronic commerce logistics distribution package in.

1, collect Express single

the recipient after the courier, the signature to determine the total number of charge, express a single, this must not be forgotten. read more

Some people say that O2O is not Zanghuoleihuo blame

, see O2O service company to push the staff hard, the authors determine that this is a "Sichuan" road. Do catering O2O need to have four levels: first, the system management control war; two, marketing war; the war of service, three, the war of payment.

Some people say that O2O is not Zanghuoleihuo blame

, see O2O service company to push the staff hard, I am sure this is a "Sichuan" road.

of the National Bureau of statistics data show that in March 2015 the national food and beverage revenue total value of 745 billion 810 million yuan (January 2015 – March 2015), such a huge market, how could the Internet Co did not nail this "seamed eggs" read more


only for the annual turnover of 50 million enterprises and opening up a new period of operation of entrepreneur capital training camp will be in August 28th opening, this is the sixteenth period, before the 15 phase of the popular to some extent confirms the strong desire of the demand for capital of entrepreneurs.

by the Institute of International Education ( sponsored by the capital operation division Specialized Committee, private equity partner, Specialized Committee, President of Specialized Committee operating capital enterprise entrepreneur training camp, entrepreneurs have been widely hailed as "BRIC course", have the "brick". In the teacher, hundreds of billions of Regal, the top investment bank and PE fund, and entrepreneurs to participate in learning are the special learning mode and training pattern of teachers and friends, creating a continuous hot scene operation entrepreneur capital training camp. read more

recently, Suixi County Alibaba group and Zhanjiang reached a strategic cooperation, explore the new mode of business development, intends to build Suixi into the West’s first Taobao county". This means that more and more people in rural areas of Suixi, will have the opportunity to carry e-commerce this trip express rapid development. With the increasing demand in rural areas and the expansion of market development, the electricity supplier has embarked on a farmer’s line, in-depth farmers, farmers. We hope that the rural electricity providers go better. read more

with the increasing popularity of e-commerce in the clothing marketing, the major brands of clothing companies have invested in the ranks of network marketing. A new marketing model O2O model, is gradually becoming a new round of apparel marketing model.

what is the O2O mode

what is the O2O model? Someone might ask. O2O mode is not only different from the traditional e-commerce B2C model, but online to offline sales model. It is also called the amount of payment in the network, thus buying a new model of the goods or services in the store. To achieve an effective interaction between online resources and store resources, to achieve the purpose of providing sales. At the same time, consumers pay the amount on the network, to the store to choose clothing can be avoided in the process of online shopping, clothing type and style does not match the requirements of the replacement and other inconvenient behavior, more convenient consumer activities. read more

text /IT broke the news

recently, Lanting Pavilion set potential for two things to be pushed to the center of public opinion, one is Zhang Jingchu boyfriend exposure, the other side was one of the founders of the Lanting Pavilion is the cardinality of oncidium. Another thing is that the Lanting Pavilion set potential suffered financial crisis. According to the daily economic news reports, Beijing, a Lanting Pavilion set of potential employees claimed that, from June to August, most of the Lanting Pavilion set of potential employees only the basic salary, the cardinality of Lanting Pavilion has more than 500 staff, the company began to face financial crisis. read more

first, customer purchases.

in the network marketing, the customer only through the virtual network to understand the product information, can not determine the quality of the experience of the product, affect the purchase decision. Search products are more suitable for network marketing, and the experience of the product, whether it is suitable for network marketing depends on other characteristics of the product. Many network marketing websites try to restore the traditional shopping conditions, let the customer shopping experience, but can not be achieved in traditional market products, buyers and merchants brought face-to-face pleasure. Clothing, especially women’s clothing is a commodity of this type, which is determined by the consumer habits of the user group. Customers are most worried about is the quality of the product is guaranteed, availability is timely, once the problem can be resolved through legal means, and the supplier is most worried about the problem is whether the timely recovery of the payment. At present, China’s business reputation system has not yet been established, which will become the most important issue of electronic transactions on the internet. Therefore, in e-commerce, the price of the product has become another factor affecting the adaptability of network marketing. read more

a market value of more than 1000 yuan of Adidas new sports shoes, a shop selling price of only more than 300 yuan, buyers from all over the country and even abroad.

addition, LV wallet 500 yuan, 200 yuan from the Swiss watch, some of the online trading platform of "cheap" price for many consumers in droves.

but in the ultra low price behind a more hidden interests of the chain of producing and selling fake products. Fujian police recently uncovered numerous cases of fake goods network, covering the merchandise shop, involving hundreds of billion yuan. read more

      network money master do Rue Newma, but they are always quietly, quietly, nothing left, very sorry. Perhaps the social reality is the way to make a fortune who silently is a doer, but what often is the mid -. I love to share, often want to say see, but also fear the fall infamy.

      in fact, the network to make money, earn everywhere, not necessarily need great determination and courage spirit, sometimes, we can easily open a stone you can see many crabs. Do not have to go to Huang huang.

  earn money is very tired, toss in the non-stop, non-stop repetition in the non-stop work, to harvest only toil sweat money. But on this sweat money, a lot of hard work are not able to make money, so I’m sorry, so I want to take this hard way to reveal.

    novice Adsense earn money? Enterprise? User? Some people say that this is the topic of bullshit. You are a novice webmaster, their own way to go unstable and also want to earn money and mature way, Guan Gong before selling knives, so there are a lot of junk ad, a lot of black behavior. Then the novice webmaster can only is to make alliance money, this is as unalterable principles. The alliance will make money is the choice for novice webmaster. Do you know how many leagues there are? Do you know how many products there are? I do not know, and no one is more clear, the next step Admin5, will pay more attention to alliance information, the information of the alliance product information. Http://  here are more than and 100 leagues, more than and 500 alliance products. But it is still very old, we need to update, need to work hard.

how to earn money Union, for the novice webmaster, not to traffic flow, to locate No location, no experience to experience. How to get.

I suggest: to choose a backstepping method for you on products, and then to backstepping, I’m trying to speak with my experience. I saw the golden hill alliance pushing a WPS product. In fact, I do not know who is wps. Registered a  hang their code, it is so simple, became a website. The rest of the work is how to promote. In fact, for the new station, the promotion is to rely on search, there are some targeted activities, using WPS for example, WPS post bar, it is necessary to occupy the. For a fixed bar, a post, estimated that one day can earn 20 bucks. As for the search. Combined with SEO, and the promotion of experience, this aspect of the promotion, Admin5 article a lot, to see how the effect, Wd=wps&a> read more CEO Li Guoqing announced at the micro-blog, because Baidu search results, wanton manipulation does not respect intellectual property rights and other monopolistic behavior, since April 1st this year, will stop advertising and search engine on Baidu. As China’s largest Internet search company, Baidu fully occupied the domestic search market has irreplaceable advantages. If you can in Baidu and Baidu related products in their own advertising, then click on your website traffic rate will have a rapid increase, but not all sites have a crush on Baidu, let’s look at the attitude of on Baidu. read more


angel investor Lei Jun in the analysis of B2C electronic commerce "three high" standard, namely high price high margin high purchase frequency, many entrepreneurs and investors look up to as the standard. Because the Mcglaughlin, Dangdang Nasdaq, now listed the highest voice of the electricity supplier top three — Jingdong, where customers, red children are from completely accord with the standard of 3C, clothing and baby field.

but some people do not believe this evil". Xu Xiaoping in the investment business projects, there are two in the "three high" standards against the extremely personal independence of conduct. Is a leisure food vertical mall "in November 22, 2010 officially launched the 12 point", the other one is half a month earlier, "cotton socks monopoly line". read more

More and more

now online shop! Want to shop in their own unique, more competitive, so in the decoration work! I help you and share some online shopping experience! This afternoon to help


No. 1: why Taobao

shop decoration

if a buyer is found three stores to do comparison. If you shop decoration more professional buyers place ~ eye will naturally be your shop to attract ~ so you give the first impression of the buyers have a very good very profound ~ why TV advertising marketing spend to do so lost painting hyperactivity advertising? A few pictures is not easy for the ~ of course with the animation building visual effect ~ let you on their impressive read more

news October 23rd, according to the wheat bags official said, the official website of the boutique · flash sales channel since the end of August this year launched the harvest of good performance, not only increased the degree of active membership, also in the sales conversion rate for the whole station brought some improvement.


note: mouth monkey, dial the good brand bags were found in the wheat bags flash sales channels

billion state power network discovery, at present, wheat bags flash purchase business each period is about 5 to launch 8 key brands, and lasted for 3 days, and every day to update the contents of the next period and the activities of the notice. In the service, flash sales channels and other services, to provide cash on delivery, SF postage, 10 days unconditional return refund, speed 17 hours a day, online consulting service. read more

October 10th, Taobao mall, the introduction of new regulations, some sellers dissatisfaction with Taobao new regulations, the channel in the YY organization of more than 3 thousand people using Taobao rules collective kuangpai big sellers of goods, at the same time using cash on delivery and then reject the way, reduce the cost, deadline last night (October 11th) at 11 oas/, seven princess, Han clothing and other shops have the beginning of the next frame, passive response to the riot act.

morning received the news, I was shocked, also continue to monitor the situation, see today that the situation continues to develop, to resist the number reached more than 3W, according to people watching habits, I think tomorrow will be more, of course I didn’t go there, although there are screenshots of YY channel no, I was afraid I was to become a member of the tens of thousands of sellers in. read more

recently, Beijing heavy haze, from meishuguanhoujie 77 creative park to Jiao Zhen Nanxian factory in Yiyang City, Hunan Province, driving distance is 1454.4 kilometers, a number of HNX049 rural Taobao service station is located in the town. Mention Factory Town cellar, a lot of people have forgotten this 1943, killing more than 30 thousand Japanese soldiers, made shocked the changjiao massacre, the number of victims after the Nanjing massacre. Today, the town has long been calm, if not to visit the memorial, but also can not find the Chinese Internet is quietly expanding another existence: rural Taobao. read more

Securities Times Network ( 07, 12 may

, according to the Ministry of commerce website 12 news, recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued the "business development plan for the five year (thirteenth)" ([2016] No. 224, referred to as the "planning"). The main objectives of the planning:

The level of

significantly enhance the domestic circulation modernization. To speed up the development of modern circulation, circulation costs dropped significantly, significantly improve the efficiency, the market order to further improve the rule of law, facilitation to optimize the business environment, the basic form of sound rules, unified and open, competitive and orderly, effective supervision, smooth and efficient domestic circulation system. Steady growth in consumer spending, consumption and consumption of goods and services to further enhance the proportion of high-end consumption, consumption stimulating economic growth is more prominent role. Is expected to 2020, the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 48 trillion yuan, an average annual growth rate of about 10%; e-commerce transactions reached 43 trillion and 800 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of about 15%, including online retail sales reached 9 trillion and 600 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of about 20%. read more