The province’s political leaders are making their final pitches to voters on the last weekend before Thursday’s election.Three of the major Toronto newspapers — The Toronto Sun, The Globe and Mail and the National Post — have endorsed Tim Hudak and the Tories. Only the Toronto Star is behind Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals.Today we’re starting to see some more direct tactics by the Liberals. Kathleen Wynne said she was afraid of Tim Hudak and his plan.Wynne spent the day in ridings held by the NDP with a targeted message for anyone who has voted or was thinking of voting for the NDP.“If you believe that if tim hudak has a chance to implement his chaos, i’m talking to you,” said Wynne.Tim Hudak was in a St. Catharines back yard with his family, talking about attack ads.“Miller’s watching ‘Frozen’ on YouTube,” says Hudak referring to his daughter. “Up pops an anti-Hudak ad on YouTube. And she’s so sweet — ‘There’s you daddy.’ it just shows those ads are everywhere.”A supporter asked him about an ad by the OPP’s union, the first time the union has waded into politics. Hudak said there is an entire storm of union ads like this.“Why are the unions spending all this money? Because they want to rent the Liberals, raid your pockets for perks and benefits we can’t afford,” said Hudak.He says the Liberals are trying to make him look scary so they don’t have to talk about their record. read more