first_imgThe situation experienced these days due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus also fully affects the world of soccer and many players want to send a message in search of hope when a return to normality is possible. Betis footballer Sergio Canales wanted to express his feelings regarding the context that is lived and leaned on his experiences to transmit a recipe. “Each injury helped me change many things in my life. This situation, although it is different, must be faced the same. Short, medium and long term objectives. Fight for them. And never lower your arms. It is true success ”, expressed through his Instagram profile.Canales’ career was marked by three tears of the cruciate ligament that slowed his progression several seasons ago when he made the jump to the First Division and signed for Real Madrid. “I incorporated new work habits and learned to value every detail of my training. Seeing that I was overcoming them, I began to believe in myself. He was able to do it, to come back. This is important to better cope with things. To think that you can do it and that there is no other option ”, insisted the player in his message of encouragement. The Betis player, key in the plans of the Verdiblanco team since it landed a year and a half ago by Quique Setién, He is a regular user of social media and has not hesitated to share his day to day since LaLiga stopped several weeks ago. The Cantabrian’s sights are already on the resumption of the league championship and in a future that could lead him to the Euro Cup if he maintains his great level of play that he showed in Heliópolis since he arrived. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of April 12, 2020last_img read more

first_imgEcuador coach Jordi Cruyff, had a conversation this Wednesday with six children between the ages of 10 and 14 from Ecuador, to whom he told, from Spain, that one of the moments that you remember most about your father, Johan, It was a great goal that marked when I was quite old in Holland, in a stadium with an audience.The Spanish-Dutch coach told the children in a virtual dialogue: “I think the moment I remember the most was when I was 34 years old and my father was older, we returned to the Netherlands and played with Ajax, that is a great memory.”Before the first game “there were many doubts from the people” about whether the great Johan Cruyff “could still be a special player, because they remembered my father when he was young and he was fast, but with age he played in the midfield because he was already it wasn’t that fast. ““In that first match he scored a great goal and at that moment the whole stadium was admired, surprised and I remember, like his son, that that moment was very emotional,” said the coach in the dialogue organized by the Ecuadorian Football Federation, in the midst of the quarantine experienced in both countries by the coronavirus pandemic.He also recalled the episode of that same year when his father, at the time of a penalty kick, “instead of charging direct, made a wall with another player. I remember that the entire stadium was silent as if to say, what happened here ? and the opponents looked at the referee to see if this was a legal goal or not. The stadium continued in silence until the referee indicated it was a goal. ““When I was little, at first I didn’t understand why people came with a paper and a pencil to ask my father to put his name on that piece of paper.Or, and over time you realize that when people approached my father they were excited. Over time I understood that he was a respected man, he was an idol and quite loved, “he said. “I was born in the Netherlands. Eight days after I was born I was already in Spain, because my father played in Barcelona, I had to live in various places like Spain, Holland, U.S, so I have no problem adapting quickly wherever I go, “he said.The children’s curiosity led Jordi to confess that his idol as a child “was striker Marco Van Basten who, apart from succeeding at Ajax, Milan, the Dutch national team, seemed to me an extraordinary player”. Such sympathy arose, “I suppose, because (Van Basten) lived in the Netherlands and I could see him train, watch him play; he had a great impact on me,” he added.About the quarantine he meets in Spain with his childrenCruyff revealed: “While I clean the house, I keep it in order, that the food is not lacking, my children cook, in that they are better than me. I am learning to do different things,” he accepted.In another of the infants’ questions regarding Ecuadorian food, the coach indicated that he has tried “the encebollado. I have to confess that one of the pleasant surprises that I have had has been the food, because the meats, the fish, the vegetables are all very good in Ecuador,” he said.He assured that managing the Ecuadorian team “is a big, difficult challenge. There is a hobby of a whole country, demanding; It is normal, where everyone has the head of a coach with a different alignment, I think one of the things that can help me in this job in the end is that we speak the same language. “The unusual interview concluded by asking Ecuadorians for a lot of discipline, character, and strength to overcome this crucial moment due to the pandemic.. “When this happens I will grab a ball, I will hit it with such force that I will take it out of the stadium and hopefully with the national team it can bring happiness to everyone,” added Jordi Cruyff.last_img read more

first_imgThe principle racket of German males’s tennis, Alexander Zverev, prefers to play without spectators to not play in any respect, He stated in an interview with dpa concerning the doable evolution of the implications of the coronavirus disaster in sports activities tournaments.“Too unhealthy, however whether it is safer for everybody (to play without spectators), why not? “, delimited. Due to the pandemic, the tennis circuit is suspended till mid-July and the suspension is probably going to proceed. Zverev doubts that the US Open in New York it might probably happen in September as initially deliberate for the reason that metropolis is especially affected by the coronavirus. Nonetheless, Zverev hopes {that a} match will be held this 12 months. “The affiliation of skilled tennis gamers has to consider what is feasible and when. Tournaments is probably not held in america, however they are often held in Europe. “ urged the Australian Open semi-finalist. The 23-year-old tennis participant at the moment trains in Tampa, Florida.In his opinion, journey restrictions are the most important downside tennis faces to return to normality. Regardless of the whole lot, Zverev stays optimistic: “We’re on the finish of April, there may be nonetheless loads of time.”last_img read more

first_imgThe Turkish newspaper Fanatik today unveiled the road map that, from next season, could follow one of the footballers on loan from Atlético: Nikola Kalinic (32 years old). Fenerbahçe has been interested in the forward for next season so it could cause Kalinic not to return to the red and white discipline to which he seemed doomed after Rome has made public its intention not to execute the purchase option it has on it.Since that great season 2016-17 in which he scored 20 goals in 42 games (the previous had been 13 in 42 as well), the Croatian striker wanders from one club to another without finding your site and with numbers increasingly distant from those. He disappointed in Milan and went through Atlético without penalty or glory. Of impeccable attitude and professionalism, yes, he never took advantage of the opportunities that Simeone gave him (four goals in 24 games). In his assignment to Rome, neither. On loan from AtléticoIt is true that postcoronavirus soccer will be different from the one that lowered the curtain in March. The clubs economically forced to look at their loans and their quarry. But there for Atlético names like Nehuén Pérez stand out, who are taking advantage of the trip to the Portuguese Famalicao, for youth (19 years) and because he has become one of their stars, before Kalinic, who seems to have finished his time at Atlético no matter how much Simeone has goal problems. The options that Fenerbahçe, who already wanted him last summer, raise is either a transfer or another assignment with a purchase option.last_img read more

first_imgHowever, Henderson did not hesitate to praise the Argentine crack after his performance in the first leg of the semifinals: “He plays differently than when you see him on television. He is very fast.” He also spoke about his great goal: “I still can’t believe he got it. In fact, I thought I was going to release it short. Ali (Alisson) is very good, but Messi put a shot that he could not protect. The strength, the rhythm, the precision … was absolutely perfect. “However, Jordan Henderson did not leave the Camp Nou empty, but took the Luis Suárez jacket, with whom he shared costumes at Liverpool: “Luis is a good boy and he gave it to me as a gesture, since we had played together. I don’t know what he did with mine. “ On Wednesday, May 1, 2019, Barcelona beat Liverpool in the first leg of the Champions League semifinals, prevailing by a 3-0 that placed the Catalans with a considerable advantage in the tie. Leo Messi, once again, had emerged as the only and absolute Barça leader scoring two goals, one of them of colossal dimensions removing the cobwebs from the right squad defended by Alisson Becker. Before such an exhibition, any mortal would have succumbed. Anyone but Jordan Henderson, captain of the red.This was recognized by the English midfielder in statements collected by the Daily Mirror, in which he explained the reason why he did not ask Messi for the shirt after that game, first in which I shared the field of play with him. He assured that it was due to a teaching by Roy Keane, illustrious former Manchester United footballer and who already in his coaching stage led Henderson at Sunderland. The Liverpool captain explained his stage in the black cats than Keane asked his players not to exchange jerseys with rivals, as they would give the impression that they were impressed by them.last_img read more

first_imgThe man from Cádiz is born where he feels like it. So they say in Cadiz and there is no better example than Michael Robinson, which despite its British origin (Leicester, United Kingdom) he always felt from Cadiz. “Someone has said that I am British but it is not so, I am from Cádiz and it is already known, but bad tongues always say that” he said Robinson. Cádiz adopted him as a son and found his home in Olvera, “here I find spiritual peace”, he always repeated. His commitment to the town made everyone keep a special affection for him.Robinson arrived in Olvera thanks to the Peña Cadista de Olvera Michael Robinson, and quickly integrated with the townspeople. Paco Medina, president of the peña, affirms that “he was in Olvera about seven times. When he walked through the streets of the town, he greeted people as if he knew everyone. There is even a pub that named Robinson for the gin and tonic that he drank. “Paco Medina remember the last time you were with Robinson, an appointment that he considers a gift of life. “It was in October in Madrid, and I think it was a gift to be with him from six in the afternoon until around eleven, and because they told us to leave. He was an incredible person. We had spoken on WhatsApp several times, no I liked to disturb his schedule, but that day I passed in front of the SER chain and I went to ask about him. It didn’t take him two minutes to reply that he was waiting for him at the bar next door. There they gave us eleven at night with our beers and gin and tonics. I was like, ‘Michael, alcohol?’ And he said, ‘The doctor has told me that stress is not good for cancer, and I get stress if I don’t smoke and don’t drink.’ “When the club was founded, one of the members proposed the name of the Briton, they voted for it and it was approved by a majority, so Paco Medina got down to work to contact Robinson, although he admits that he did not have much hope. “I had doubts that this man came to a town of nine thousand inhabitants and, furthermore, we could not afford the trip either.” But to his surprise, “Robinson did not put any impediment, he took a flight and an AVE to be on the rock that afternoon, slept in a hotel and the next day opened the Peña Cadista de Olvera Michael Robinson. It was quite an event in town. “ On the day of the inauguration, the president of the club was in charge of helping him take care of his image. “He radiated affection, closeness. I controlled his image the first day he arrived in Olvera, a small town. People started to heat up in celebration and wanted to go to a pub carrying Michel on their shoulders. I told him that it seemed better to me that he go to the hotel to rest. Michael said goodbye to people and came to me saying, ‘You are a perfect bastard, but I’m going to sleep.’ I loved that. He was aware of the image he represented and that going to the pub could mean being publicly harmed. “Paco Medina stays with humanity and the professionalism of Robinson. “What has come to me the most, besides his humanity, is how professional he was for everything. He told me that he was so overwhelmed when he signed it Liverpool that he left town and called his mother to say he didn’t know if he would be able to meet people’s expectations. “Also when he worked on television, he was very demanding, Medina says,” he wanted everything, music, the lights … I wanted everything to be perfect. Michael Robinson was from another galaxy. “Such it was Michael Robinson’s commitment to Olvera, who had already planned a day at the Peña Cadista to help people suffering from cancer. “We had a day that, if it hadn’t been for the coronavirus, it would have already been done. I was going to come to Olvera to speak of cancer to an association of the people called ALUDA to encourage and push them to continue fighting. “Paco Medina describes Michael as “a person with a lot of humanity and with his little point of guiri, he had a heart that did not fit in his chest and he was always ready for anything. “And he adds,” he was shy, he liked giving more than receiving. “The one who will always be his town in Cádiz will pay tribute to him once the health crisis ends. “In Olvera we are going to prepare, when the COVID-19 passes, a tribute like he deserves and we want to have important people because it is the least we can do for him, because he was endearing, affectionate, friend …”.“I keep his smile and his desire to live,” he says. Paco Medina. All those who have been able to enjoy Michael Robinson, either personally or as a professional, will surely never forget his smile and his exemplary way of facing the blows of life. DEP, Michael Robinson.last_img read more

first_imgDaniela Cortés, ex-girlfriend of the player Sebastian Villa, denounced this Sunday that he lost a pregnancy due to the physical abuse and assaults of the current footballer of Boca Juniors.“Last year, for May I was pregnant with him. One day we had a very strong discussion, where he hit me and mistreated me. After a few days I had an impressive bleeding, but the next day I went to the doctor because I woke up with colic. Indeed , they did an x-ray and told me that there was no more fetus. I lost the pregnancy due to the blows she had given me, “Cortés said in statements to Crónica TV.“He is a bipolar person. For a moment he is happy and shows joy, but in another, anger, he is rude, insults. Sebastián is a box of surprises because he constantly changes his attitude. I forgave him many times. I always believed it was going to change. But one day it is good and another day it is bad, “added the Colombian, who a week ago made a public complaint on Monday night on social networks and then ratified it before the Argentine courts. Regarding this latest act of violence that triggered the judicial presentation last week, the player’s ex-girlfriend said: “He started talking to my mom. When he cut the call, he started hitting me. He pulled my hair, he threw me on the floor. Fists, kicks, he was out of control. It was horrible”.Villa, 23, arrived in Boca Juniors in mid-2018 from the Tolima Sports, club in which he debuted as a professional in 2014 and with which he won two titles: the 2014 Colombia Cup and the 2018 Opening Tournament. In the xeneize club, the Colombian raised the Super Cup from last year and the Super league 2020. Villa debuted with the national team Colombia in September 2018.last_img read more

first_imgWESTERN BUREAU:Businessman Ryan Keating, through his Progressive Group, has vowed to stay on as title sponsor of the Trelawny FA Under-17 youth football league.This follows Sunday’s thrilling final between Clarks Town and Village United at the Elleston Wakeland Centre in Falmouth.”The plan we have moving forward is to continue our sponsorship with the association, to help develop and unearth good, talented youngsters from this parish,” Keating said.”We really cannot complain about what we witnessed in this our first season as sponsors. There were some obvious glitches, but that was expected. It’s work in progress, and we are happy with the standard of most teams and the discipline of the players,” he added.Village United were crowned champions after tagging Clarks Town 2-1, thanks to a brace from their class striker, Shaquille James.First goalThe youngster fired home his first in the 55th minute, and added his second at the 68th minute after rounding the advancing Clarks Town goalkeeper, who was left to play almost as a sweeper – with his central defenders badly out of position – then walked the ball to the goal line before booting into the empty goal.Clarks Town did celebrate a goal, when Kirk Brown brought them temporarily back into the match with a 66th-minute equaliser at the back-end of a beautiful build-up. But his strike and celebration was short-lived.Village had more to shout about, as their midfielder, Charles Grant, was named the league’s Most Valuable Player, while Tavayne Kerr of beaten semi-finalists Harmony FC, scorer of nine goals, won the Golden Boot award.Dean Ellis, Village United’s head coach, was full of praise for his youngsters.”This is a great way to close out the season. I hope the players learn plenty from their time out in the field. Some of us will not be here next season, but others will remain, and some will come in,” said Ellis.”I hope that we will be strong enough to retain the title when that time comes around, but right now, I am delighted with the achievement,” he added.last_img read more

first_imgCRYSTAL PALACE(4-2-3-1)McCARTHY, WARD, DANN, DELANEY, SOUARE, McARTHUR, CABAYE, ZAHA, PUNCHEON, SAKO,WICKHAMMANCHESTER CITY(4-2-3-1)AGUERO, STERLING, SILVA, DE BRUYNE,FERNANDINHO, TOURE,KOLAROV, MANGALA, KOMPANY, SAGNA, HARTManchester City face a tough challenge to their perfect start to the Barclays Premier League season against a Crystal Palace side boasting a shock win at title rivals Chelsea in their last outing.Palace’s impressive start to the campaign sees them behind City in the table, in second place and with nine points from their opening four games, the club’s best ever beginning to a Premier League campaign and most impressive in the top flight since 1991 when, in the old First Division, they lost at City on the opening day before winning their next three.It is City’s best start to a season since 2011 when they won their first four. A fifth victory will represent their best sequence at the start of a season since 2009 when they won their first six and, like this season, they kept clean sheets in their opening four fixtures.However, City have never kept clean sheets in each of their opening five games so can set a new club record at Selhurst Park.City, though, will not need reminding what happened on their last visit; Palace won 2-1 and Chelsea went on to win the Premier League title.last_img read more

first_imgBRISBANE, Australia (CMC):West Indies were staring at a humiliating innings defeat in the face after an all-too-familiar second-innings batting collapse left them hanging by a thread, on the penultimate day of their four-day tour match against a youthful Cricket Australia XI here yesterday.Trailing by 201 on first innings after watching the hosts convert their overnight 245 for four into 444 all out at the Allan Border Field, West Indies slumped to 125 for seven at the close, still requiring a further 76 runs to avoid a demoralising defeat.Captain Jason Holder was unbeaten on 26 and partnered by tail-ender Kemar Roach on nine, with only Devendra Bishoo and Shannon Gabriel to come.Carlos Brathwaite has so far top-scored with a robust 31,batting at number eight, while opener Rajindra Chandrika and the experienced Marlon Samuels both scored 21.Of the top six, they were the only ones to make it past 15 as two debutant seamers, Ryan Lees and James Bazley, ripped through the West Indies top order to leave the innings in tatters at 59 for six.The 21-year-old Lees finished with three for 37 and Bazley, only 20, claimed two for 39, while leg-spinner Cameron Boyce picked up two for 56.The display will be worrying for West Indies ahead of next week’s first Test, especially coming against a side fielding six players on first-class debut.They were in trouble from as early as the fourth ball of the innings when Kraigg Brathwaite perished without scoring, caught at point by Bazley off Lees, without a run on the board.Left-hander Darren Bravo followed soon afterward for five, nicking a defensive prod at Bazley behind, to leave the tourists on seven for two.Chandrika, who faced 47 balls and struck two fours, then repaired the innings somewhat in a 29-run, third-wicket stand with Samuels who faced 53 deliveries and also counted two fours.Bazley, however, removed Chandrika to a catch in the slips by substitute Tim Paine and with a run added in the next over, Lees removed Jermaine Blackwood without scoring to a catch at the wicket, as the Windies tumbled to 37 for four.last_img read more