10 Mar / 2017

Second weeks in March the United States NET domain name fell by a maximum reduction of 8580

IDC network (idcps.com) on 21 August 03 reported: according to WebHosting.info data show that in the second week of March (2014-03-11 to 2014-03-17), the total U.S..NET domain name for 7802053, ranked first, but the decline continued to increase, a decrease of 8580. China’s.NET domain name registration is still good, this week increased by 7532, the existing.NET domain name 761768. Please look at the detailed data analysis.

(Figure 1) in the second week of March the world’s total number of.NET domain name list TOP10

Figure 1 shows us clearly that in March, the total number of.NET domain names ranked first in the United States in the last week of the year, and the dominance of the is not shaken. In contrast, the second German and the Chinese in the small difference between the third. Followed by Japan, Britain, France, Canada, Turkey, Spain, Italy.

(Figure 2) in the second week of March the world’s total number of.NET domain name list TOP10

observation Figure 2, IDC review network found that this week, the total number of.NET domain showed an upward trend in the country there are still 3, but members have changed: Italy replaced japan. Now it’s about Japan and Italy, where Japan rose 2047 last week, but by the end of the week, a decrease of about $905; Italy’s last week’s decline of $130, an increase of $116 this week. While China and Turkey continued last week’s upward trend: China increased by 7532, Turkey increased by 1331, and both of the increase in the chain than last week,.NET domain name registration.

it is worth mentioning that, ranked second in Germany, is still a downward trend, and the increase has increased this week, a decrease of 819, while China is rising. Therefore, in the future, if we maintain the current development trend, China will overtake Germany, IDC review network will focus on.

in addition, in the second week of March, the total number of.NET domain names in the United States of America, the decline has continued to increase this week, down by 8580 in the. Also this week Similarly afflicted people pity each other. Canada,.NET domain names fell 3004.

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