15 Apr / 2017

sa ice cream market opportunities all join

delicious ice cream from Italy, is also very exotic culture. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the ice cream market, no doubt, is very dynamic, very powerful choice. Isa ice cream? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship!


ice cream trans fatty acids, both delicious and healthy. The introduction of Italy classic isa ice cream, 100 products, young and old! Elson ice cream international management, professional team, to give you a powerful guarantee! As a franchisee escort, no worries! Elson ice cream market, low cost, low risk! Stores are selling hot



ice cream to make money?


ice cream company site team to help partners to choose the appropriate stores, professional designers to partner store design decoration layout, opening Ji song, help you open 0 burden. Isa ice cream headquarters every quarter according to the market orientation, the trend of consumption with brand new products. The headquarters of the inspection, the rectification suggestions and operational guidance, and reward outstanding performance. Isa ice cream specially configured area manager headquarters, as the business partners, the implementation of a range of fine marketing guidance. The headquarters to provide free "isa" brand logo, and various leaflets materials, let fame a twenty hundred shops.


joined the ice cream? For the first time to join the business, is a very good business opportunities. Isa ice cream to join, open their own Elson ice cream stores, the shop is made!

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