26 Jun / 2017

How to choose franchisees to join the food and beverage industry

food and beverage industry is the most market, the most promising investment industry. At present, China’s franchise business is in a stage of rapid development, opportunities and risks coexist, investors may be able to explore a surprising gold mine, may also fall into the trap of evil. How to choose a good food chain franchise business has become the key to the success of small and medium investors to join the chain of food and beverage industry.

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now catering enterprises competition is not directly to the product and the competition between the product performance, but in the form of brand competition. In other words, when consumers decide to dine, he often first decided to go to the hotel or restaurant to eat, and then decide what to eat; even when he first made the decision of what to eat, also must decide in what place to eat. Therefore, the choice of a good reputation and excellent brand image of the restaurant chain franchise business, is a necessary condition for success.

has a good reputation and excellent brand image of the restaurant chain franchise should have the following four basic characteristics: the content of technology more outstanding flavor and high radiation; large space and high social reputation; long communication history and more cultural connotation; good economic benefit.

Third, the development history and development stage of restaurant chain franchise

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