31 Jul / 2017

Online everyone loan model of reflection to low speed in exchange for high quality



for the vast majority of entrepreneurs, can get the level of tens of millions of investment is absolutely worthy of a wedding to write a great deal about, but a pat on the loan, after a $25 million investment by Shen Napeng news release, first of all they do is issued a clarification statement.

this is a strange and intriguing statement, because the original report is not inconsistent with the facts ", rather than a pat on the loan in" clarify "the facts, as it is to take this opportunity to release their commitments and guarantees to the outside world: take a pat on the loan" rapid expansion "large-scale investment risk money + way in the financing process will not.

was born in 2007 pat loan, is the country’s first P2P Internet credit platform, currently has 1 million 200 thousand registered users, successfully borrowed more than more than 40 thousand users, the monthly transaction amounted to 50 million yuan. On the market and more than it P2P credit platform only, in 2010 the establishment of all loans in the first half of this year, through 1763 loans, the loan audit amount of nearly 130 million yuan.

today, pat the loan on bad debt rate is only 1.2%, peer-to-peer lending default rate is only 0.52%, and they have won the favor of investors, according to the "China daily" reported that the previously accepted peer-to-peer lending low-key domestic investors investment.


is currently online P2P online credit market’s direct competitors, despite all the same place in specific operations, but we found that they have chosen a development path of low speed, high quality, and has almost the same development mode.

the two platforms on the lender’s identity made strict and even harsh restrictions, although the platform itself can not take effective measures to eliminate overdue for borrowers, but through the arrears of exposure, the principal protection system and to the risk of payment in advance, the borrower’s interest does not actually damage. All of the funds are included by Alipay, caifutong and three party payment platform for the allocation and management, the maximum to avoid the relevant laws and policies of the dispute.

for borrowers, pat the loan in the amount of 3000 to 500 thousand yuan, the loan interest rate range from 16% to 26.24%, lending in the period of 3 to 12 months, according to the loan period, charges accounted for 2% of the principal or the 4%. Everyone loan regulations, the amount of loans in 3000~100 yuan, the loan interest rate is based on the credit rating between 6% to 24% floating, lending period of up to 24 months, the borrower to collect 0.3% of the principal monthly management fees.

their main target audience is without exception, those borrowers with loans of between $5000~10 and 10000, including traditional financial institutions, including banks

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