1 Aug / 2017

Where is the way for a personal website in 2010

network began to usher in the winter from 2008 until the second half, into the "CNNIC prohibit individuals registered CN, nationwide BLOCKOUTS QianYiFaErDongQuanShen, actually this is inevitable. The rapid development of the network is bound to have some people more opportunities will be aiming to this dream or "little sheep". However, when its carrying capacity exceeds the load capacity, the country will make a series of adjustments to completely rectify the network market and make it return to normal. And these rectification is in fact aimed at the "personal Adsense", "garbage station" such ranks. CNNIC has encouraged the registration of CN because of the fact that a large number of personal sites are being registered, resulting in a growing number of unhealthy websites. Therefore, personal Adsense go from here, the new site how to do it, has become a problem.

in the form of 2010 today, I have some words for some plans to do personal Adsense talk about, hoping to help. First, do three without leaving.

1, the entertainment station does not go. Because the entertainment station mainly includes "movie, music, picture" this kind. And the network is not healthy content, but the target is against the blow. From a large number of these sites to decide on what path to follow, could explain. As a result, the boundaries of infringement of such websites are not clear, and it will not be good to receive letters of complaint any day. Second, you think of others as early as thought, the new site in this industry is now saturated, no foothold.

2, small enterprise IDC not go. Looking for a stable security strength of the IDC station is a wise choice, check the data today can find a reliable IDC is that every day in this block. Don’t covet a little cheaper so that all future efforts work not completed. The best way to choose IDC is to "Baidu" first, see specific related presentations and evaluation.

3, lucky to go. I think there are many sites in the promotion of hair at the same time, but some edge of the temptation to guide the content of the initial IP, or to increase the search weight. But 2010, if it still does, will not work. Even Baidu can not even directly through the search to some illegal words into the garbage station ranks.

so, how to do a station, personal webmaster’s way out where? "Do stand, do people", don’t always think in order to make money and stand, this is too unrealistic. Although we are indeed in order to make money, but friends do stand, first of all people to do it, when you have a certain field of sufficient publicity, "money will come to come."". Have seen some good sites, they are individuals do, and finally even members of the initiative for the site more stable environment and investment, so that it is built on an independent server. Why, this is the power of the human heart. The interaction of the website is very important. As for how to interact, for example, the city portal station can spend a little money to play some banners, stick to the wall, people watch and so on, of course, you have to have practical content, you can also hold a small gathering, so that more users

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