1 Aug / 2017

Several patterns of profit making for local marriage websites

The development of

in these two years the local marriage website is not optimistic, some industry insiders and owners generally reflect the marriage website development is becoming increasingly difficult, profit model has become increasingly blurred, especially some large wedding websites, such as: wed114, 99wed, and even the city like 58, ganji.com not less classified information website to enter the local wedding industry city, have to seize the wedding market, so some did not have the strength of the local marriage sites have died, leaving the two is that a local wedding network. Qingdao SEO the first time the local wedding website, which is now the Qingdao Wedding Network (www.0532hq.com), was not too much later how analysis of website development, was purely in order to test their SEO level, consider if the website ranking optimization up, mainly rely on advertising to sell the site for profit, the profit model very simple, but when I actually put up ranking optimization, based solely on the website found ranked as the profit point is not enough, can not return and pay is directly proportional to the.


said the Qingdao wedding industry good momentum of development, but in Qingdao the two or three line is the rapid development of the city, people’s idea of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other relative first-tier cities is still relatively backward, the majority of wedding or wedding company for network marketing is not recognized, that in the network that is money naught, not to mention the bride makeup, the master of ceremonies, wedding, wedding car rental of these individual businesses, don’t let them take money out of advertising, and even let them free information a lot of people or companies disdain, because most of them have not seen the Internet brings local wedding market vitality.

let them spend money on advertising the way is obviously so many companies or individuals to accept the need for their long-term, subtle influence and rendering, then we can not wait for long time, after all, what is still unknown, then we must now change the thinking, transform the profit model, get more development opportunities. I often think about how to mobilize the enthusiasm of the business, and at the same time to achieve business and Qingdao wedding network and marriage of new three party interaction Most recently, I have been thinking about this, and I think of the general profit model as follows:

1, rental advertising for sale of this traditional profit model is still there, after all, there are still some companies or individuals recognized the effect of this promotion.

2, followed by the current group buying model, highlighting the group buying features. The local marriage website to wedding photography led, wedding photography has always been considered to be the most lucrative new industry, new touch the waters, often a wedding at least two thousand, more than 10000, while the actual wedding photography wedding costs relative to other projects is very low, so now the new wedding the most afraid of the slaughter, so do the kind of group purchase would be newcomers welcome, businesses also profitable, but also indirectly help businesses do publicity, enhance brand awareness. Similarly, with makeup, wedding reception, MC and so on, you can also buy.


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