1 Aug / 2017

Overview Network Recruitment existing living environment

electricity providers, maps, network finance and logistics and many other sections have been the focus of discussion. In the face of these more demanding areas, many practitioners regard them as an essential platform for big data times, of course, these are only the tip of the iceberg. Because with the development of mobile Internet, the function will be more endowed with independent significance, it is conceivable that the future of any heat demand can find the flow entrance in the mobile Internet platform, and the network recruitment is clearly a more obvious.

says, network invite applications for a job, in fact this is his old line of work, do this line more than 5 years, also be accumulated some experience. Especially in the mobile Internet is approaching to my development of the industry have their own cognition, if not to use this power for their own temper, then the future implementation of diversified development is simply tell some fantastic tales.

but we are not to change to change, the main elements often blindly follow the market, do some of the surface of the innovation does not change the nature of the industry fundamentally the old and weak, as the earliest recruitment system for the commercial development of the use of cyber source for the development of the situation today is not perfect, although the defendants and Zhaopin in accordance with their plan for development, but from the slowdown in the growth rate of

, we can see that the existing model is no longer suitable for further development. Moreover, we can see from the road of rejuvenation of the Chinese talents that the basic point of reliance on online recruitment has changed.

from my personal experience of 5 years, I summed up in the online recruitment industry, there are generally such a few difficult to solve the problem:

Do you

resources, I fight channels, everyone in the blind expansion of existing platform, trying to be more influential in the more massive assignment of registered users, because the only way they can have more initiative in advertising on the table, but the core concept in the competition? It seems really not, network recruitment website now everyone is trying to give an overall feeling will show more resources to their own position, but the latter part of the user experience is not in place, it has been noticed that the network of excellence, the perfect matching concept proposed is to meet this proposed, as a rebirth of the enterprise, it is obviously more pain profound thinking "to find work that you love" and "perfect match" as a new concept is obviously based on unique significance of the solution.

is blind, high-end and diverse, without paying attention to the professionalism of the hiring process. Many websites simply think that recruitment is to let all people find a job, search the job you want to find, in fact, this is only the basic function of network recruitment, not the meaning of existence. China net recruitment crowd currently facing mainly concentrated in the work experience in 0-3 years, the annual income of less than 300 thousand yuan crowd, and in the middle and high level jobs, it is difficult to meet the recruitment needs of enterprises. Moreover, recruitment is not a casual business. Everyone needs a similar understanding and >

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