1 Aug / 2017

Why is a campus student group a recreational game component

SNS is undoubtedly the biggest concept and market imagination after Web2.0. Yes, at least 3 years.

SNS popular, the general reason is that people access the portal after the Internet, from the portal, search into a person. Yes, live people – you, me, and our friends, we become each other’s information navigator.

, that is to say, the information we have been given to us in a way that does not trust a small number of services, including search information. We trust friends, and friends understand each other’s needs. We are more efficient in the information age.

search sites have grown out of information flooding. SNS is also common now, with reports that 75% of Internet users in the United States have registered or used the SNS web site. Many people, people are very miscellaneous, how to meet the bosom friend in the vast sea of people, people’s "search" is a new trend. Search is only the basic method, permutations and combinations is the fundamental, the so-called precise matching effect, no doubt to achieve "love at first sight" in order to satisfy the user.

I have always been skeptical of the uniqueness and specificity of love. The basis for love and marriage between a person and a person is entirely due to the fact that he has traveled so far and knows so many people that the choice is very limited. That is to say, a woman is the best and most correct when she knows all the men and understands them. In addition, it is difficult to determine and confirm the individual uniqueness and uniqueness in the emotional and personal charm, although the society has been diversified, but the background is the same as you grow, you sure how he (she) is the only? The same 80 boys, family conditions, appearance, character educational attainment, roughly, in Beijing, Shanghai will certainly have, but you have no chance to go to Shanghai, no chance to understand. Therefore, the people around you can only be interpreted as a realistic choice.

but on the Internet, in the global village reduced to 0 and 1 in space, in theory, you can exhaust all potential objects and make the best choice. But the best choice is certainly not the only love at first sight, that is, the exact match for you will be greater than 1. Only in love and marriage, morality and law compel you to make a choice of 1.

, although there are many SNS websites, but also from the tribe itself, there are students, fellow citizens, colleagues, neighbors, interested in tourism. Families are not fully open yet, and API has not yet used OpenID like unified identity authentication.

– only by observing the status quo. What are the highest viscosities on so many SNS sites? I observed that they were student groups. The degree of honesty in China is not high, so the students who have long contact time, simple contacts, high communication threshold and high cost are more stable in trust. This can also be seen from an earlier SNS website alumni record. In this respect, the family should be the most important domain of SNS, but fewer and fewer Chinese families. Rural family members >

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