1 Aug / 2017

Zhang Renfeng entrepreneur car search network poineering road

at the beginning of entrepreneurship, not understanding, I think I do not make money projects, the difficulty of finding cooperation funds can be imagined. In order to find venture capital, I used all my friends, and I went to invest company myself. After 4 months and more efforts, I found 200 thousand down capital. Search car network of entrepreneurial road on the use of these 200 thousand funds began.

is not any business of the company Everything is going smoothly., after a year of operation, has encountered serious financial problems, and in 2006, the second-hand car market is not mature, advertising one point has not come close, very difficult in this difficult time, as can be imagined, the company business team, two backbone the most important to quit, only I a person struggling with this project, there were only two beliefs: first is the conviction that this project will be successful, second is to let investors of investment funds. So, to this day, I have always believed that the success of a project is determined by the team’s entrepreneurial beliefs and loyalty. In this state, hard support for about a year, in 2007, the site began to turn for the better. Users and traffic increased, while related car ads have also begun to invest on the site. The company began with its first real advertising revenue.

now the car search network (www.socars.cn) is Shandong’s largest second-hand car business portal, after 4 years of market operation, has become a rapidly developing area of large industry, and establish a good brand image in the regional industry. At the same time to become the industry’s fastest growing data service website. In the national automotive media, it has become one of the few websites that have the ability to do transaction data. Search Car Net Daily website amount to nearly 50 thousand person time, daily information update amount nearly 600 times. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced in January 08, the number of Chinese websites for 150, search vehicle network ranked 4000. It is the most convenient and the most authentic information website of automobile trade in the Shandong area. Shandong has become the majority of brokers exchange second-hand car buying and selling experience and inquiries related to automotive data and sales of professional platforms. At present, the search car network GOOGLE website PR value for 5. Search car network now has 300 thousand registered users in Shandong region, of which about 20000 brokers, more than 20 Shandong local car trading information. Its influence in Shandong has covered major cities such as Qingdao, Ji’nan, Zibo, Linyi, Yantai and Weihai, and has branches directly under the Qingdao market, the Ji’nan market and the Zibo market.

will also be the most difficult, when the opportunity came, suggestions or are ready to start business friends, in encounter difficulties, we must try hard to do, not because of the difficult moment and give up the road of entrepreneurship. Success always belongs to those who overcome difficulties and persist in the end.

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