2 Aug / 2017

Enterprise website how to use festive atmosphere to create good interaction with visitors

many people think that when you play the rest of the festival is again, this time not website promotion effect, because viewers than working days less, but from another perspective, we suspended the SEO optimization work, still can use holiday interaction atmosphere to build with the viewer. To achieve the same effect of website promotion.


Festival at home, most people still choose to use the Internet to pass the time, at this time people prefer entertainment things, so the website can reprint some new hot events. Don’t try to be the kind of pure entertainment stars, that can give a person is not professional, not serious feeling, should be the kind of entertainment and intellectual balance of good articles, such as the recent speculation is very hot "Han Han" event, entertainment, belong to literature controversy, that is to attract people’s attention this part, through the screening of high-quality articles or it is not difficult to find the search engine.

through the transfer release is mainly in order to attract visitors and click browse, between the visitors and potential customers distance, through a hot event to promote the website clicks and views, on the other hand by some small ideas, their small comments at an event with the viewer resonate, deepen the visitors a good impression of enterprise website.

Friendliness is conducive to business success. send blessingsDuring the

festival website promotion mainly go warmth route, as the saying goes, "do not fight smiling hand", this time with a promotional advertising netizen is not too disgusted, as a business to the local people, even the people of the whole country to send a blessing that is no ground for blame, to our customers to send blessing is perfectly logical and reasonable. This point I think that medicine is a good example, chairman of their latest pay New Year’s call advertising have no choice but star enterprise of the national people personally photographed to appear in good faith, but also pay New Year’s call, to create a good image of the correct medicine.

enterprise can give users in their official website, blog, micro-blog platform to send blessings, the name of the website and so cleverly embedded in the company information to customers or users send some of the blessings of nature can also e-mail. In doing so, it is also a good impression on the enterprise website, and we can promote our website and brand.

small activities add popularity

many companies are now registered official micro-blog, is also popular in a forward micro-blog @ 35 friends, and then have the opportunity to draw the popular Apple mobile phone, computer and other digital player, even the influx of goods, although the amount is not much, the winning rate is not high, but there are still many people willing to gently point so a few forward. Companies can follow such a model, launching such activities at the official website or micro-blog. This also has something to do with the products of the enterprise. For example, if you sell the generator set, you can’t make such an activity. It’s difficult to transfer the generator sets. The tea enterprise can do such activities and send tea leaves

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