2 Aug / 2017

Applicants challenge those views on SEOKE

recently, big brother (Seo guest) released, the strongest SEO: at the same time many popular keywords do Baidu home page article, attracted a lot of negative comments on him.

I recently signed with him to learn SEO, others feel pretty good. There is a saying that the phrase.. not like those so-called professional. That said those boring polite words. And he gave me the feeling is very practical, so to speak. He taught me a detailed description of how to choose keywords. How to optimize keyword… I have seen a lot of SEO tutorial, with the earth, stone forum also visited.. but he taught me the way, and lectures and others are completely different every day. Although only a short one or two hours, but the analysis is very good. I suddenly understand don’t understand… Also pointed out in detail. I think he is very strong..

seoke, please be modest and SEO recently released is nonsense friends think of him, I feel very funny. He rushed at the beginning said:

first of all, I have no hatred against you, that is, you are not pleasing to the eye.

: first you see people dislike to see? You have the strength, you put down your success, don’t shout in there, people have the ability to do training, do you mind? Go its own way, harm? Those popular keywords you are on Optimization of luck up? OK, you tell me, how many webmaster Chinese, there are countless luck, how many? If I have Seo rankings that luck, I might as well go directly to buy lottery tickets, why should study these things? Why should take the time to get the optimal rank it? Say. Now many enterprises in the company’s website needs to be optimized, you dare say it is not? By luck, who also went to him? Who is to go a lot of optimization? Those who are often K, traffic is not good, ranking is not good, this is the main point of optimization..< /p>

second: you’re talking about SEO training. I feel like you’re immature,.

" a lot of real expert a word can Laijiwanshijiwanjishiwan IP, those figures are not said opening training fees.

don’t mention the so-called SEO technology, not what the so-called SEO technology in the world! All rely on SEO to eat the guy to scold me! Really understand SEO are busy counting the money, which have a great clamor SEO out every day? The whole training? With the training project as the SB cheat money online SB. "

you saying this… Why don’t you say that expert training? In fact, everyone has their own work habits, do not love to do, can not do, and now the network what not, now the network received tens of thousands of IP station, is not big. The master can do there. But following the 1000IP station and how many? You say that the training.

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