2 Aug / 2017

How to do a good job of WeChat group user experience

network chat in almost everyone knows now, including QQ group, chat rooms, discussion groups and other services are the form of network groups. But as these PC end of commonly used network group, whether in the mobile terminal can also be copied to echo what the books say. Maybe a lot of friends will love just contact WeChat for WeChat group WeChat group to more, because WeChat’s friend, know and don’t know together, and the user is relatively active, there are a lot of help to expand your circle of friends, but when using the WeChat user group for a period of time, often find WeChat group it seems to give people some uncomfortable places, as shown, is someone in the circle of friends of WeChat group comments.


so what is the cause of this friend to issue such a mood, obviously, is a bad experience of WeChat group to the user, as shown above, want to express is the WeChat group back to the user experience is not prompt. The root cause is the inconsistency between WeChat’s product positioning and its needs and user’s needs. Simply put, users should not take WeChat as a social tool entirely. But in fact, WeChat itself is aware of this problem, before the Spring Festival also made adjustments, the user out of the WeChat group prompted the "* * * out of group chat", prompted a switch off. WeChat users often because WeChat group brings all kinds of interference and more and more feel WeChat group experience is not good, then we have what method can avoid the WeChat group this bad experience,


first, there is a more subtle restriction on the number of people in the WeChat group. This is something we can learn from the ordinary number of QQ group, each group will have a limit, if you want to have the number of groups is more to the threshold, such differences will produce, if WeChat group the number of each user is the same, but the number can hold too much, it will affect the quality of the group members because, once the number of user groups is limited, the group manager will be on the group members were screened and fans of quality control, will not bring so much less active members and bad motives to members. But at the same time, there are probably a lot of friends will say, we use the WeChat group for the purpose of communication, if the number is too small, can not meet the demand, there is a suggestion that maximum number of group planning according to WeChat group categories, and add some threshold. Through the restrictions on the number of WeChat group, you can avoid the user because of the various interference caused by WeChat group, and want to retire from the group.

second, further standardize the content of the WeChat group. We all know that there are now some QQ group can automatically determine the illegal content sending mechanism, including the administrator can also define group content easily, once the group content does not meet the requirements of members can be ordered rectification or overflow send illegal content. WeChat group should be so, the reason why the WeChat group will bring some bad experience to the user, but also partly because in a WeChat group, there are some of the individual

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