2 Aug / 2017

Do not stand on the network competition is small good promotion

I’m a 18 year old webmaster. I’ve been a station for over 2 years. I haven’t earned much money. I made more than 2000 points altogether. The cost of living is actually not enough, I published this article today, that is, I hope you do not do a big competitive stand, do a no competition station, and very good promotion.

everyone can see my station, lovers nets, home page is a couple registration, the inside page is single registration.

, because there is no such website on the network, I have a day to promote casually, there are hundreds of IP.

now on Baidu search lovers, only forums and websites, I think, China what so many couples and couples, let them use the network registration, recording their love, perhaps the future can become a trend.

I have also added a single registration to the inner page so that I can make friends. Add the address, QQ and photos. My inner page of title is male name + female name + love declaration. Title and the network does not have a similar, others search the name is very likely to search my, get invisible flow.

I can say that my site is almost without competition. My source is based on the liar QQ registration network, but his range is not wide.

We should not

network: how many non mainstream site navigation, and so on the website, the fierce competition is not great? As far as I know, a cafe maintenance technician can get a year tens of thousands of pieces from the 5zd. Non mainstream although the search volume is high, but too many people are divided, visitors will only collect the top row of the site.

http://s.www.couplesnet.cn is just to provide reference, in addition to the procedures of the station, you can contact me QQ:273929592

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