3 Aug / 2017

The evolution of the poor in a twelve year old community and its new business

in February 1, 2016 at the age of twelve, poor travel network.

, compared with most China Internet Corporation, is a veteran. Twelve years of entrepreneurial companies and the great investors, do not know how much is harvesting stubble, entrepreneurship is the outlet switch back and forth several channels, while the poor are still doing a good thing to make travel more. Of course, you can also smell it in the bones of the calm, calm as a honeymoon trip without deadlines.

In 2004

, poor travel network dormitory birth of a Hamburg, after many stages of network development and evolution, from the original BBS mutual community development of the current desktop web, social media, mobile terminal full coverage, its headquarters by the end of 2015 also moved to Beijing Dongzhimen transport hub. This is the story of a commonplace talk of an old scholar still is senior, er talked about the poor.


QiongYou forum

| QiongYou

as a physical communityPoor travel network initial started the

community forum is the name of the poor tour of Europe, a group of students gathered in the chat travel, share travel journey, McCain tiankan to make friends by the way. At first, the European countries were mainly covered, and the maintenance of the forum was handed over to the users who lived in europe. Later with the poor tour Er global footprint, QiongYou Forum opened in North America, Africa and other sectors, as well as overseas car, diving, photography and other interest in the sector.

moved back to the domestic development in the last few years, the tour is still poor physical said President and co-founder of Cai Jinghui in the community. What we are talking about here is all about travel. Established in 2014 10th anniversary, QiongYou foreign official caliber or "the most influential domestic outbound tourism community, and today the name became" the largest outbound one-stop platform ", this is the result of natural evolution of community, inevitably asked about the business model and realized the problem, especially in the story to investors, for investment. The end of the world, tiger bashing, jagged military encounter, know almost, nutshell, watercress also encountered.

Cai Jinghui said, A round of financing is poor in several potential investors to choose a "taste" the most appropriate, but also to maintain the atmosphere of poor communities. We have seen too many cases of capital driven kidnapping. This is not to blame, when the rapid expansion of capital profit driven nature in the power of the entrepreneurial team did a lot of ideal combustion dinch.

fortunately, despite the poor capital involved, or at their own pace. A node is 2011 at the end of the travel development forum website, add a lot of plate, position and attributes of each plate is more clear, content and structure to speed up the process of community. Until now, the poor community has gathered 80 million users.

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