3 Aug / 2017

As a webmaster are you the same as he has been


stationmaster" this noun used to be ambitious thing, did not think I realized in this year "a few times"".

The first time

do stand, no experience, do not know how to optimize, not to mention what management tools, I do stand even are all made by hand, using other templates, then each page of each page using DW to do, sometimes don’t sleep for a night (even at that time my girlfriend at night it cried and said to me, I love you, sleep! I fear a good person!) I was at that time to do the station take like a passing wind, completely addicted, I work with some special (an electronic engineer), do not have to go to work every day, so every day there are a lot of time, even now at 2 every night before sleep, before 6 in the morning to get up, update the site, because now is a movie website (Yuncheng film it), so get up early in the morning, believe a word, try to You can’t succeed, you can’t succeed without hard work. (Mengniu executives say).

Yuncheng film. I did recently, do a station of success, is the only to do a normal station, used to do themselves because it is garbage station, so do not let everyone laugh at.

Some experience in

do stand, I hope to help a bit like me at that time to see the novice, master a skill shuahou me! (I am food is bird, if the master signifier, I am very happy, also very much, at least in my heart thank you for a few days the


: do the first station must be prepared, from a beginning to have clear ideas and goals, I do this station is what, don’t be trying to sell beef

website!Second: do not have

value, " value; " that is to say, what can you give the final show to the audience? Don’t appear above the facade is perfect, in a look that is a pile of garbage, as in time you do SEO very well, but the audience will not be second times on your station our traffic is after all, the audience.

third: don’t SEO excessive, there are a lot of tools is about SEO, so we are all looking for SEO novice Internet tools, cause search engines to check a lot of junk information you stand, you can not K K himself? I used the garbage station, not a little optimization, is also the name of their own label to take, BD, GL, GG are included is very good.

fourth: do their own fixed group, and now my Yuncheng film and television on its own built a QQ group, fixed every day to bring a lot of traffic.

finally, remember to update every day, if you do not, but updated once a week is always the day, no new content, who let go! Website thing is my humble opinion, if there is hope for my master, pointing.

and, as a webmaster, is equivalent to a large part of the youth dedicated to the PC>

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