3 Aug / 2017

Community electricity supplier phased study Community electricity supplier O2O ultimate counter atta


editor’s note: the author Zhong Zhiwei (@stephen clock _ love life, micro signal: stephen213), working in the TMT industry for 8 years, the China Investment Advisory limited liability company investment banking Consulting Director TMT. In his view, O2O is a business development trend, compared with ALI, Suning and other Tencent, top-down model, bottom-up model business line can provide services according to the next line of business needs, including wireless coverage, process optimization, performance management, and these are small and medium-sized businesses lack the. In this paper, the author starts with several bottleneck problems to solve the O2O closed loop, and conducts a phased study of the community electricity supplier.

community electricity supplier contains two layers of meaning, namely, community e-commerce and community based e-commerce. Community e-commerce is based on the community on the basis of e-commerce, and the community of e-commerce is around the e-commerce platform, how to study the e-commerce community.

from the mainstream direction, the future of the two directions of Internet business, one is community-based, one is large-scale. The community is vertical and large-scale is horizontal. The electricity supplier community the two characteristics (both traditional electricity supplier only to solve large-scale problems), electronic commerce to solve the scale problem of breakthrough regional restrictions on behalf of the line (Online) characteristics, and the community is rooted in the region, is the representative of the line (Offline) characteristics. In the rapid growth of mobile online shopping, online and offline was quite distinct from each other "marketing and trading, consumer experience" three big business, now has a very good relationship.

is called counter attack, not only shows that the community electricity supplier is a trend, but also showing a community electricity supplier is still in development. The community electricity supplier O2O model to break the traditional retail electricity supplier pressing ceiling, is expected to become another measures against traditional retail electric shock, will become a new business model for the mobile Internet era of consumer online interactive field.

current electricity supplier weaknesses generally lies in the integration of offline business resources and enhance the value. The line is generally not good, thought is very conservative, is original, is very old-fashioned, people have been feeling down to earth, even without reliable criticism, the key is not to solve the bottleneck in the development of O2O. The author attempts to solve the O2O closed-loop several bottlenecks, the community electricity supplier in a phased study:

1 is to solve the problem of community business and economies of scale, 2 is to solve the problem of value added service, the 3 is to solve the problem to build ecosystem, 4 solution is to establish an integrated service system of the last mile.

community electricity supplier 1 – 2: from scale effect to intimate service

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