3 Aug / 2017

Teach you how to quickly become the industry’s first team

half a year ago, I joined the new E era, and established their own situation of team baoma.newesd, team building, promotion is a big problem, in the end how to do the promotion of the new station? Can you in 32 days can make their sites become known to the world? It proved that if there is no promotion of a web site, then the flow is not possible (except for their own flow and the flow of the brush).

so, with traffic, it has everything, for new sites, what should I do? Don’t be afraid! Here is my summary of new station promotion method.

, the first step: perfect the content first.

best have some original content, otherwise it will be listed as "Supplementary information". The specific content is written according to the location of the website. As long as you are familiar with your website, it is not difficult to do so.

example: the new E era Fengyun team released original article "14 years old webmaster’s entrepreneurial road", and in the webmaster BBS published, and made the original link.

second step: go to major search engines to submit websites.

search engine is the most generous and kind the most fair for the webmaster, as long as the content of the website is absolutely no problem, overall Zhaoshou! To Google, Baidu, Sogou, Yahoo, Live and submit your site

example: the new E era Fengyun team after the content is perfect, the first time to the major search engines submitted the web site.

third step: Join major websites alliance.

this step is very critical, Baidu to league site ranking preferential treatment, Google for league site grasp more comprehensive, more complete and faster, Sogou will try every means to flow into your station.

example: the new E era Fengyun team joined the Google Adsense program and the Baidu alliance, is currently in the application, is expected to pass through the problem.

fourth step: join the missing station url.

this step, many webmaster are not clear, site site not only have the absence of, and there is no station! This site will only give you stand pull flow, there will be no harm!


example: the new E era Fengyun team at the time of the press has been on the first line of the first throne,

fifth step: go to the big forum, post promotion.

this method, I believe we all know it, go to the big forum to do some links is enough, spiders will naturally fancy you!


example: the new E era Fengyun team released original articles in the major forums have reprinted, and annotated links.

sixth step: don’t forget to update the maintenance.

has done a better job of updating and maintaining the web site. Only in this way can spiders in search engines eat more

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