5 Aug / 2017

Lu Songsong small website the way to make money the ability to achieve a monthly income of 2000

thank you for your trust. I’m honored to have received a lot of consultation emails during this period. I’ve found a few similar emails about Internet start-ups. Let me talk about my own experience first. I hope it has something to learn.

The first time

Google Adsense Wangzhuan: what is


University, I did the first forum "campus Skywarp," don’t search, the collapse of several years. I used the network to do, when the University, free time is always more than the class, so I and a bedroom buddy made this forum. At that time, I know that the forum to be a moderator, the general edition is very cattle, and can greatly satisfy their vanity. One day, while I was at the official network forum, I heard something called Google Adsense, which could make us dollars. So I spent a tremendous effort to Google Adsense posted on the forum. Later, I didn’t pay much attention to Google Adsense. When the forum closed, I was surprised to find that Google account had $108, and I earned more than 800 yuan at the time. I am very excited, Pidianpidian to change. This was my first stop, and it was the first time I knew the Internet could make money besides playing games. This forum accompanied my university for a year and a half.

comment: advertising is almost all small website profits, but gradually understand a truth, no matter how much you hang alliance advertising, you will never get big, many people can buy petty.

first stop selling: I sell the profit model.

my third station is a source download station (three representative, so ignore two), I think this station is a success because it sold a good price. At that time I did not and those large source station directly recklessly, I have no source, tens of thousands of servers, but also is a person, so the source code download station and other difference is that here I have the source code 80% is charged, source types are not many, but basically meet the hot industry ‘s needs, the these small companies do not need to find someone special website construction, from here to buy after the upload. And it doesn’t waste server space nor waste broadband. In line with Taobao, eBay and offline business, revenue is more objective.

in the 07 year, the sale of the website source code into the bamboo shoots after the rain came, what is more, some people buy the source code here in Lu Songsong, changed names were sold on his website, with lower prices is very serious, coupled with the sale of the source of this model customer service service is very complex, often with service no, the complaint rate is also very high. So I have a cruel hearted, this website along with the source code sold to a network construction company.

himself commented: "Li Xingping’s hao123 sold to Baidu is the most typical example, many people are selling stations, but most people sell only IP, PV, Alexa, just this."

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