5 Aug / 2017

Over the years ‘ve seen nternet marketing in hospitals

in the medical industry in recent years, the industry is not aware of, but whether it is to do the promotion or pay push free or content marketing, the industry has been basically already in a fixed frame, and then go down, don’t change it, "marketing" itself is a dead end, below I will analyze these years in my eye medical network marketing.

pay promotion, easy to understand, is to spend money to buy a home, in fact, do marketing hospital all know, the final profit is Baidu, Sogou platform, and the hospital is just a small part of the interests of the digestive, gynecological and some small male competition department will be slightly better, shaping the industry to the hospital cost very high, and possibility of being replaced is too large, if the price is lower than the others immediately brush down, that is marketing, rather than in hospitals who have more money to fight, of course, this is not the case in malicious clicks, you go online to search for a malicious click, although Baidu strategy, but opponents the strategy for evil high quality still linger on faintly, and in recent years the cost of bidding a linear upward trend, although the hospital marketing staff can understand this point, but compared to the diffuse Long optimization cycle, you are willing to take a week to take medicine or a needle, it is so simple, so that Baidu does not make money, who earned


and bidding this one, now most of the bidding price is the price to the end!! rarely go to optimize the account, or carefully to do data analysis, even if to do the analysis, most people should be brought above, not carefully to put friction accounts, after all is bidding the main factors of consultation, once this piece is weak, advice will be great, I have met once complained that even before do consulting, low quality of some words, anyway, this auction block only needs to meet so many advisory capacity is good, to the hospital is about transformation consulting so, it is a vicious spiral, even a great waste of resources.

The news source

and now the hospital more love to do this, needless to say, still ranked, who ranked good, who show much better now, the platform is a piece of money a, but the news source of the past two years has done bad, plus the low quality can not be lower. You copy my copy to you, a very large part of the staff is an article to a keyword, a picture, a tail JS, sent afterwards, such low quality articles to meet a good platform, usually included after you check in a front page article the second day, and then flew off, but nothing, again! Promotion staff is not the day! But I want to ask, the news source to bring you flow, consultation and effective to the hospital really so much? I’m actually here What I want to emphasize is quality, maybe a little bit from my previous experience, but the content is king’s time has not completely gone. Don’t make money too quickly,


new media is the rise of the past two years, in fact, that is micro-blog, WeChat, previously heard of a hospital

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