5 Aug / 2017

Four years and turned to air graduating junior webmaster voice

contained four towering Zhuantou air,

down, students eventually moved.

drunk not shelter,

when the peach blossom spring breeze?.

June, the season of parting. Bid farewell to a former classmate here, now only computer with me. Night fell, thoughts flew, only to find their vulnerability and helplessness. Four years of university graduate, should I now have been complacent, work, love family and get scorched by the flames. When I was in college, my passion was now exhausted. How should I go on in the future?.

I started contacting web sites three months ago, when I was looking for a different way of life, mostly because of the failure to find a job. In fact, my major is not related to the computer network, but I am more interested in it because I often surf the internet. I don’t know anything about technology, I only know something about website production. I’m not SEO, I’m just going to do some simple, laborious, thankless, mechanical propaganda. I have no money, I can’t afford to rent a server, I can’t afford an advanced domain name. Marx made a movie station (http://s.hohhot.k-film.cn), although Baidu included more than 100 pages, and did not bring any traffic, of course, did not produce any profit, recently has been K off. Also made a blog website (www.notalk.cn), suffering from no original articles, and no longer do it. To see that some people only use a few simple web pages to generate thousands of traffic, and began to make money, really envy. I have also analyzed these pages carefully and haven’t found a way to get started. In the process of doing website, I have met many difficulties, some have been solved, and some are still bothering me now. Most of them are technical and ideological problems. During this period, I missed some opportunities to find a job because of doing a website, but I didn’t regret it.

has always wanted to find a teacher to take me, but repeatedly asked for in exchange for basically supercilious, and gradually disheartened. I’m even beginning to wonder if it’s a wrong road to choose a website. Maybe I’m too clumsy, maybe I don’t have enough perseverance, maybe I need to keep on, maybe……

The reason for the failure of

maybe a lot, I always miss the point. But now I need to earn money myself. I am in a place far from home to go to college, parents hope I can go home or work in near his hometown after graduation, I intend to persuade parents and girlfriend thousands and thousands of words, stay in the city for several years, break a piece of heaven and earth. Now, my girlfriend has found a good job here and will go to work soon. And I still have nowhere to go, as a man, the heart is not taste. Girlfriend always nag me and say, "what’s the use of beating the computer all day long? You can’t make a penny. What do you want to marry me later? Use your computer?"

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