5 Aug / 2017

Discussion on the name selection of local station

do local station, a lot of people instinctively choose the place name + related name, the name gives a person’s feeling is very atmospheric, like the local first web site, in the name of the meaning has certain advantages.

I was sorting station in Weifang area, has decided to do before the station has been considering the domain name registration, registered a domain name associated with Weifang, the first chance I checked the domain name immediately expires, we have been concerned about the domain name query, once a day, the original owner of the domain name no renewals, eventually fall out, I immediately registered the domain name feel okay, "I" with Weifang Pinyin, registered immediately after someone ask me to buy, the price is not appropriate, and ultimately their own to do


domain name registration, first upload a web page to keep a domain name, there is a reason for this domain name before do stand, clean up before the PR is also included, slowly, then consider the station, first is the name of the site selection, considering the Weifang port, Weifang life network, Weifang information network, love life in Weifang, finally decided to use Weifang life network www.iweifang.com, slogan: Weifang Life Network – your life guide


programming language selection and program selection will not say, according to individual needs, reasonable choice!

!What should

pay attention to when choosing a unique name,


one, the best name can be related to the local, reflecting local characteristics, such a name for local users more affinity, so that it is easier to promote.

two, the name of the site is better to compare the mouth, both special and easy to remember.

three, the domain name is also the best choice for people to find the law, relatively easy to remember.

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