6 Aug / 2017

Millet set up 7th anniversary Lei Jun sent micro blog Thanksgiving rice drying commemorate the entr


public data show that millet 2015 revenue of 78 billion yuan about 12 billion 500 million U.S. dollars, compared with 2014’s 74 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 5%.

millet at the beginning of this year’s annual meeting, Lei Jun said, millet initiative in 2016 to slow down adjustment, the worst time has passed, 2017 plans to break hundreds of billions of dollars in overall revenue.


, is the first choice to make strong project to participate in, or to do a lot of a station, white busy, because the money of many projects, including project cheater too much, if you do not see with screening, the new station will do, can do a lot of liar project. Although you can increase your Wangzhuan experience and experience. But after all, doing a lot of useless work, efficiency is low. So, the first step is to choose a good Wangzhuan project. What projects do strong? I think it is particularly recommended where get in other station project should go to see, first look at the station announcement, whether to support the Chinese member, and then look at the station if there is a forum, if any, go to the forum to see if there is a cash card, and if there is or recently, it is the current payment, it is worth doing. Of course, this is only relative to the insurance, because there is no absolute insurance online.

webmaster Wangzhuan forum recommended commissionable project to make money money money, although the overall credibility as surfing to make money, but it is easy to do, the unit time income is high, and a long time can also click on a project to make money, so the new hand is still the best Wangzhuan project. The webmaster Wangzhuan forum about how to make money can be more efficient, higher income.


disposable opened 5 projects, in turn after landing, followed by the opening of each project advertisement, wait for 20 seconds -30 seconds, this time for each item of advertising is completed, turn off, and then again at 5 ad, then repeat the operation. In doing so, it would be equivalent to a time to finish advertising 5 items. Greatly improved efficiency. After the 5 project is finished, click on the same method to start clicking on the next set of items. If you don’t make a web page, create a folder in your favorites Wangzhuan, to do the project to the inside, then press and similar measures on the project list

TechWeb reports April 7th news, every year in April 6th is the annual rice flour Festival, millet company was founded on the anniversary. On the occasion of the establishment of millet 7th anniversary, CEO Lei Jun also expressed their gratitude in micro-blog, at the same time with Wan Qiang, Lin Bin, Wang Chuan, Li Hong Feng, went to the year business office, and take a photo.


yesterday evening, Lei Jun more micro-blog, with 7 years of business history: millet several founders, today re take the road of entrepreneurship, seven years ago from Beijing Paul Shofukuji bridge to Wangjing Yingu mansion, rolling stone building, now and then to the colorful city office buildings and other office buildings, along the way. Infinite regrets! Also went to the middle of 798, the first generation of millet mobile phone released, at the time, venue into too much confusion but fanatical, Rice noodles, like it was yesterday! Today we start getting better soon usher in a new round of growth "

, there is also a way to refer to professional networks to make money on the station every day to do the project. For example, you can store this site and open it every day to see if there are new items to recommend. Although the station will inevitably recommend fraud project, but with the experience of this station, we can still take less detours.

1. select the good project

In addition to the initiative to find

makes a project list page, which is to put all of the click items you do now on a web page complete with Dreamweaver or Frontpage. This will make it easier for you to manage and click ads. Whenever you want to have an advertisement, open the page and click on the action. For example, you do 20 projects, you put all the self-made ", and then you start every night at 8 points -9 point of advertising say, you don’t have a day bubble in the Wangzhuan, not worth is not necessary, spend an hour every day to do it. Make your time.


Lei Jun wrote on micro-blog: "seven years ago today, a dozen people together to drink a bowl of millet gruel, a small company called" millet "to start a business in Zhongguancun. "Seven years later, today, millet seven years of age, Thanksgiving rice, Thanksgiving partners, Thanksgiving staff and investors, but also Thanksgiving all colleagues!"

Lei Jun mentioned earlier, in 2017, millet will focus on black technology, new retail, internationalization, artificial intelligence and Internet banking five major parts. Lei Jun said that all business giants will be Internet Co, but also financial companies, the future of finance will be built on the basis of artificial intelligence and big data.

2. makes a list of projects, web pages,

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