6 Aug / 2017

shlf1314 has a new move in China but it’s to help entrepreneursNine tricks to identify a scam in a

shlf1314’s for entrepreneurs to support shlf1314 for Entrepreneurs and Chinese the joint venture cooperation agency office, shlf1314 for Entrepreneurs will China for entrepreneurs to provide funds, mentors, sharing resources and development team sales support services.

joint venture Office Agency founder Bob said in his speech, and shlf1314’s cooperation negotiations began in the last year, was located in Beijing Zhongguancun e world’s 2 underground space is still "garage" state, did not complete the transformation, but later in the study, to finalize the cooperation.

president of shlf1314 Greater China Bo League

shlf1314 for Entrepreneurs for Genna also came to the China, she said shlf1314 currently has more than 50 units in global cooperation on this project, and there are 6 campus community on entrepreneurship training and guidance, the shlf1314 for Entrepreneurs in the global cooperation is hoped to create entrepreneurial community, let the entrepreneurial resources together.

three, check the registration information for the site.

Sina Technology News April 14th afternoon news, shlf1314 today and joint venture Office jointly held a press conference, the meeting announced the joint cooperation on both sides of the office of the news.

two, check that the website has published detailed business addresses and telephone numbers.

joint venture office is a joint office platform established in Shanghai. It was founded in 2010. During the period, many projects such as "full mind", "short piggy" and "active line" have come out. At present, the country has 24 space, nearly 10000 entrepreneurs, settled in the project has completed more than 300 million U. s.dollars over the amount of financing.

as long as it is untrusted websites, they are often afraid of setting up public forums, so that everyone can express their views. Of course, also set up some seemingly open forum, it also has many flatter touted article, but when you put some sharp questions, soon to be deleted, this kind of website is particularly alarming.

is generally not credible website concerned only with money matters, because their purpose is to get money. In this regard, you can try to come up with an issue that has nothing to do with making money, but it involves the construction of their website, or management issues, which are sent to them by mail. Regular websites often attach great importance to proposals in this regard

after the meeting, G>

1. Check that the website has a red shield, business logo or ICP logo.

four, check that the site has any forum for posting.

shlf1314 for Entrepreneurs, head of Genna

five, check the feedback effect of the website.

as long as the site’s domain name is registered on the domain name registration site, you will see whether the registrant of the domain name is an individual or an enterprise. If the person is registered, so its reliability is questionable, because the provisions of the domestic management regulations as a natural person to person is no business qualification, to engage in business activities, must handle business license, even individual business license.

Red Shield logo is a business website has been marked the site for the record in Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, if it is a business website, even the Red Shield logo are not, it is questionable business qualifications.

in general, normal business website to will address, dignified and imposing their own business telephone number, for customer contact. Those untrusted websites are often afraid to publish their detailed addresses and phone calls for certain ulterior motives.

is worth mentioning is that shlf1314 for Entrepreneurs will be "passport" to China, that meet the conditions of the entrepreneurial team, the funds will be provided by shlf1314 to shlf1314 for Entrepreneurs has been covering any countries and regions to carry out exchanges in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

for this cooperation, shlf1314 Greater China president Shi Bo Meng said, shlf1314 in the choice of cooperation has its own strict standards and values, the first is in line with shlf1314’s "no evil" values; secondly, there are certain advantages in leadership and influence; finally, specific to the joint office, shlf1314 to each other have experience and the advantages of community.

Shi Bo League further explained that the joint venture with shlf1314 office standards, also highlighted the consistency in both the values and the sense of mission.

with the recovery of the global economy in the network, a variety of large and small business website more and more appear in front of us, "easy money" of the site, "added XXX, a month to earn 300 thousand, I earned 3000 dollars on the internet"…… In the face of these attractive publicity, which is the pie? What is a trap? In a virtual network world, fish, Nishajuxia situation is inevitable, how to identify the authenticity of business website, make yourself less fooled, detours? This paper attempts from how to identify online untrusted sites point give you some inspiration. Here called "untrusted" website, but did not call the "liar" website, because some sites even in line with these characteristics, but due to poor quality of site management personnel, can not improve the content, so these can not be called a liar website.

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