6 Aug / 2017

Talk about my 2009 Wangzhuan experienceAdsense the first ad unit has the highest price and is offi

decided in October to do a few more stops to see if he could earn more. It took a week for my Taobao menswear shopping line online. A very simple station, only 10 pages. The main promotion Taobao hot men’s clothing. After the station, and everywhere promotion, but in the BD ranking never go up, but also punished behind. In the GG row on the first page, but with less GG people, every day only a few dozen IP, depressed. Taobao also made a snack bar meishi001.cn, single page, >

          now that you know how to get more revenue through multiple ad units, try it.

accidentally hit Taobao in March and decided to join in. When people do less, I remember that in a relatively large local forum issued a summary of such shop posts, then owner didn’t know advertising, back to my top 3 days, traffic reached 6000 times, after received more than 500 Commission, ha ha. At the time that Taobao customers promising ah, to make a big fight. Who knows a few days later I found that the owner is advertising, my post deleted, depressed. After being introduced in other forums, but as more and more people know the guest, owner also began to strike, more and more difficult.

remember in February when his resignation, after also don’t want to find a job, just then just contact Wangzhuan, decided to make Wangzhuan, look can earn money. Began to get rid of the pig’s Witkey, because no professional skills, can only send post, do registration on behalf of. In the pig eight quit posting about 0.2-0.5 yuan a post, very tired, to go to the major BBS registration post, can’t be deleted, was deleted, is not calculated reward. An average day can send dozens of posts, earn 10 a few dollars. Generation registration is not good, and some require to verify the phone number, so it can only be done once. And these tasks are not many, one day can do a few, 1-3 yuan, 1 tasks. These 2 add up, the average daily income of more than 20 points, in February to get this, earned 700 yuan this way.

          at present, the top ad unit on the web is always the first to display the highest bid. Also, if you don’t have enough ads to display on your site, the first ad unit will give priority to advertising. That’s why we’ve always suggested you use custom channels to track the effects of each ad unit, find the highest advertising unit, and put the ad unit at the front in the HTML code.

          Adsense, the official blog article called "the first ad unit", the full text is as follows:

          long ago, little A wrote an article, that is to do shlf1314 Adsense do not map advertising put more, you should leave the best location for the first advertising unit. This is confirmed in a recent article on the Adsense official blog.

started his own station in May. When it comes to doing stand, I’m a rookie, can only do static station, and also don’t understand art. Began to get a breast enhancement method station fjh313.cn, only a few dozen articles. Mainly used to sell Taobao breast enhancement products. Because do not know propaganda, until now, there are only dozens of IP every day. Don’t look at my station IP less, every month also can sell several breast enhancement products, also have hundreds of yuan of income, ha ha, in general, more satisfied. 5-9 months has been in this station and in the major forums to promote, the average monthly income of more than 1000, just enough living expenses and rent, there is no point remaining.

          what we call "the first ad unit" here is the first ad code to appear in the page HTML code. Note that the first ad element in the source code is not always the first ad unit that the user sees in the browser. For example, if you are using the DIV tag in your code, our system might also consider the ad unit at the bottom of the page as the first ad unit.

          you may already know that an effective way to increase your AdSense revenue is to place more than one ad unit on a content rich web page. There is also a way to maximize your revenue from using multiple ad units, which is to ensure that the highest click rate advertising unit is the first element in your page HTML code. Probably a lot of publishers don’t understand why this can increase revenue. Here’s how our system configures ads on the page.

          so, when you put in, do not put the code inside the website, finished, but also further optimization, so as to increase revenue more. commissioning editor admin01

first introduce yourself, 06 years from a three stream school graduation, study is garbage professional, so after coming out, the work is hard to find. Worked in a national supermarket for more than 1 years, then jumped to a foreign leather shoes agency company to work, 09 years later because of year-end awards and boss made very unhappy, decided to resign.

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