6 Aug / 2017

What are the opportunities for Taobao’s new store4 months to burn 1 million Shenzhen this incubator

on eBay?But many new friends

although many friends said that Taobao is difficult to do business, especially for the opening of new stores. Business is difficult to do, to open a new store, not what credibility, so the price pressure is very low, and the high degree of credibility of the shop, but in order to attract and keep old customers, for new competitors into the price war, have to cause vicious spiral.


but the high degree of credibility of the shop, the beginning, service was very good, because the beginning is the owner in the service, once they were developed, the owner busy, so they must recruit, recruit, recruit people with natural will and hard work, the natural quality of service greatly discount. So for those new stores opened a development opportunities and development space, the author thinks that the development opportunities of new stores in the service, rather than the price, as long as the price is not too outrageous, a reasonable price, as long as the service is good, business will come naturally. So the service and the product is always a long business development focus, like taobao, he is relying on products and services, or how he can defeat EBAY

with the "double" tide, the last two years, our country has a lot of new public space, a cafe business, a passenger space incubator. These incubators serve as offices for start-ups, helping them connect to capital and exchange activities. However, there are serious problems such as homogenization of incubators, differences in managers’ abilities, dependence on subsidies and site selection, and far away from urban areas.

A few days before

, "land storehouse" was founded 4 months, burned about 1000000 yuan, now reduced to can only wait for outsiders to end the "land library" life…… That kind of feeling is the motivation of my life." Before the Spring Festival, Yang Binglong issued a sad announcement in his circle of friends. His business incubator in Shenzhen was "ready to be transferred". He asked his friends to help him to look for the receiver. Closing the basement is no accident. Shenzhen science and technology incubator Temple Market Consultant Li Dongrao witnessed the incubator of the ebb and flow of the first half of 2015, she is located in Shenzhen Nanshan near the buses, billboards everywhere incubator advertising, a building from the top to the basement may have an incubator, and now the circle of friends, the table often heard the story of the incubator closed.

shop, the business has been do not go up, why? Because of the lack of consideration of good positioning and strategy before them, then what is meant to have a good position and strategic? Take the shop, I intend to start selling cosmetics, then went to a friend’s house play, that friend is dedicated to selling cosmetics from Taobao, the business is very good, is currently doing full-time. Talked to a lot of cosmetics on the market and Taobao in the process of talking, so I decided to do it later because the cosmetics business, his friends will purchase channels to share, at the beginning I entered a batch of goods, and then hard to upload photos and product, shop was opened up, but business but a >

, first of all, the occupancy rate is too low. A small start-up group of 3~5 people, originally expected to be assigned to 20 teams, but at the peak of only 10 teams. "The library" is not the rent shares accounted for the business model, but their fame is not big enough for entrepreneurs attractive >

this evening, Shanghai has a small MM, find me, and took a few of my products, why would find me? Because I have a mask product is Taobao’s most natural price, you can find me, why I bought the mask, and also bought several other products for? I think she’s service was very good, very enthusiastic. In the chat, she told me that "some of the crown shop, especially drag, indifferent, so don’t expect them to buy". The author also deeply felt.

Abstract: in some second tier city, some people under the banner of "power management" and "incubator" sign from the hands of the government to take, but no operation, "a lot of incubator only a sign inside the empty, never have output".

, find a cosmetics wholesaler in Taobao, he has the product shop retail price is lower than the wholesale price, then asked him to do so, is unfair to wholesalers, he said "you find me, I think the price is expensive, you will find others wholesale". After listening, I Speechless, I am not going to him wholesale, because I am not Bitch, even if the world price of wholesalers than his expensive, I won’t go there wholesale, because of his attitude and tone has indirectly told me that this is not suitable for long-term cooperative wholesalers.

"but the real operation only to find and think is very different." Yang Binglong felt a lot.

station has never been full of activities, only two people participate in

Yang Binglong was originally an entrepreneur. In the first half of 2015, entrepreneurship was in full swing, and state leaders frequently appeared everywhere to cheer up entrepreneurs. Some famous incubators were always full of people. He thought himself a lawyer, and many investors familiar, as an operation platform, to help entrepreneurs get investment, become a unicorn.

at that time, he rented 1000 square meters of basement in Nanshan, Shenzhen. After careful design and decoration, he named "ground warehouse". There were 5 offices and 70 open stations. He joined with partners hundreds of thousands of dollars, but also attracted 10 friends around, all raised 1 million yuan.

his calculations, calculated according to 800 yuan a month rent a station, if all the rental station full, just can offset the "library" of rent and utilities, and the management team is providing business services and finance advisory services, will become the source of profits.

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