6 Aug / 2017

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open source projects are popular with entrepreneurs because they can be used by the public, and the software is re modified and released, most of which are not subject to licensing restrictions. From a design point of view, an open source project that has a certain foundation can greatly reduce the initial workload for the technical staff, and have the ability to modify and give the need for project innovation.

"big and complete" and "small is beautiful" are two different concepts, many domestic enterprises, often want to grow quickly, become "big and complete" trees, but to have the huge financial resources at the same time, many of the entrepreneurial team team "small is beautiful" is also a good way.

The high quality

from this point of view, the exercise book will be established, perhaps similar to the current time network, or watercress reviews and other websites. However, we also believe that the independent reviews in the exercise version are very different in form and content from the current film review sites.

data security has attracted more and more attention. Because the loss of information caused by fraud is too much, because the data theft caused by the loss of enterprises is too large, in almost omnipotent network era, data security has become enterprises must have the basic ability to touch the net.

, a start-up enterprise founded in 2013, is dedicated to data security related products

open source and data security


said in a long micro-blog. If independent film critics do not show up, the film industry will be more worrying."

Kochi molecules

also said: "I have been waiting for the urgency, the real flesh and blood, objective independence, not on behalf of any stakeholders.". Let me do it."

as far as the final result is concerned, we look forward to the day on which the ZNTA is on the line.

know, watercress, these communities why fire? Ordinary people is the most, but most of the way ordinary people in the pursuit of "extraordinary" love "near Kochi molecules", which is a valuable community, whether Tucao or field of content, you will find a more rational, more experience the value of the related notes here, so I prefer.

"Because the whole world needs honest reviews from the real audience,"

, a fledgling enterprise, insists on "small and beautiful"

finally did not forget to say, "it’s also sad. I didn’t become a barbecue stall. I’m CEO."."

"Internet plus", "mobile terminal fragmentation"…… The spread of speed and the ability to occur at any time, at random, determines the prosperity and expansion of our time.

these high quality content of the platform facing the problem is realized, how to extract from many good content, good resources to extract profits, so there is value, almost live…… Long journey, will eventually get a good home.

in the project, the choice of various network design products, we always like some, that is, the use of simple and versatile, but also to ensure safety. So, if we put the competition stunt to remove, leaving only the most true things, you will find that the only business changes, the external form never existed "quality" change: the real "durability" under different circumstances, is the fundamental law of survival of the entrepreneurial team.


this morning, micro-blog’s big [email protected] homework book sent a long micro-blog, announced that he and his friends set up a company: ZNTA, began his own entrepreneurial process.

wave will settle down to Sentosa, nature is "high quality".

too many small teams who emerge, too many entrepreneurs create too many different signs and counter attack, and all this behind the brilliant, also had a lot of ants, rolling die on the road of entrepreneurs, who can not find the value orientation of the business.

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