6 Aug / 2017

Wangzhuan successful concept and basic conditionsPolice with unfamiliar streets and Sina pitfalls on

was fired yesterday by Facebook’s copying of Snapchat, and wrote an article that fundamentally challenged Facebook’s "hacker spirit". Of course, in China, there was nothing to be questioned about. So, when the company jumped out of unfamiliar street accused Sina push voice chat tool micro friends of pixel level and copier copying when the group function unfamiliar street, I think is quite another matter.

in order to make their own Wangzhuan success, many of the old and new members are struggling to find success, hope to find a shortcut Wangzhuan success, then quickly achieve the purpose of sustainable development, the best can easily, can often backfire, the more eager to make more money to slow, taking a shortcut is dead, confused give up in despair, bitter and tired. The old fox feel that there are some views on this necessity to talk about a year, from my Wangzhuan experience, to do Wangzhuan, requires four basic conditions of "integrity + right + pay + unremittingly times, four conditions are indispensable, the detail about.

the unfamiliar street accused sina of micro friends statement impressed me the most a word is: "to always maintain close cooperation with sina for us, just shout a voice of" brothers ", will find that they have been in this" – Unfamiliar Street and Sina signed an exclusive agreement user login, unfamiliar street only binding on the basis of sina micro-blog, and launched a series of cooperation.

the first condition is to see the project. There is a common type of current Wangzhuan Click to make money, money, money, promotion of registration investigation of money, money, money, online game money, Witkey make money etc.. The Witkey make money to make money to affordable goods proficiency in a particular line, shop owners to make money, to have a decent website and other items are general users can participate, novice might find one of the most easily reference such as domestic and foreign money to do edge into the door, see what others do, how to promote, for their own after strive for further improvement to lay a good foundation, the time is ripe to participate in their own projects. We often see many ads, say what day to earn 100 yuan, the monthly income of 6 million, the old fox told us 99% is false, because the money a lot of simple projects, private hire is easy to do, why spend a lot of advertising befog the minds of the people to choose a representative, a new project to do, rather than confused by false advertising. Learning first, making money second.

to do Wangzhuan, network basic skills such as registration, translation, based on Web technology, not here to talk about these things, as long as you are willing to engage in Wangzhuan career, use sh419 Search soon, it is easy to grasp.


second conditions are good faith to pay. The old fox repeatedly referred to do Wangzhuan first person, everyone should do their duty, the way of getting along with people to grasp the sense of propriety, not. Similarly, not to petty profits and unscrupulous Wangzhuan, such as cheating, non commissionable, dishonest behavior can get some small profit in the short term, but in the long term, certainly your goal will not The loss outweighs the gain., so small. You quickly gain revenue by cheating, but then the account is blocked and lost continuously

unfamiliar street this is faced with such problems. You never know when Sina "open platform" is what boundary — Sina signed Sina micro-blog exclusive binding requirements of unfamiliar street in exchange for more cooperation in the promotion of resources will not promise never to launch similar products and services. So, you can only guess. But one thing is almost certain: the more popular third party applications, the easier it is for the first time pixel level replication.

some people say that the network of part-time to earn money, the monthly income of more than 500, I will be satisfied; some people say online to get rich, the monthly income of more than 5000, I feel very satisfied; some people say that the network business, a monthly income of more than 50 thousand and has a high visibility, to be successful. In fact, what they say is right for themselves and may not be practical for others. Simply say: to achieve their successful Wangzhuan is expected to make money online. You set online income at an average annual rate of 10 thousand, and after 35 years of hard work, you’ve earned about 3 to 50 thousand. That’s your success. As far as other people are concerned, you don’t have to worry about it.

this thing also may occur in the sing and pops the two recent number of independent development of social networking applications on the Internet – sing and open platform has brought more than half of active users, as only a start with.

, that’s the most subtle thing I’ve ever felt. I don’t for a large company of small companies in China plagiarism thing inexplicable surprise, but another problem which is related to the level of resources: the platform has become more and more large companies in the name "open platform", active pursuit of the third party application to entrepreneurial companies as the leading especially those with strong application but, you don’t know, also can’t predict, more can’t control these giants will be launched and you are as like as two peas at what time, you don’t know the answer.

, this isn’t the first time Sina has done anything like that. I experienced the whole process of social reading tools Flipboard and Sina from the beginning of last year, the end of last year cooperation agreement was added to share Sina Flipboard global version of micro-blog’s social plug-in, after March this year Flipboard China local application was born, Sina micro-blog becomes the Flipboard version of the Chinese bind social network. On the right side of the iPad mobile client Sina micro-blog recommended application bar also added a Flipboard plugin, until July this year, one day when I open the iPad morning, Flipboard replaced Sina’s own Sina vision application almost as like as two peas".

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