7 Aug / 2017

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Graham says he wants entrepreneurs not only to have talent, but also to have other features. "There are many intelligent people who accomplish nothing."." He said.

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Y Combinator has shocked the entire risk investment industry, not only because of the business incubator, but also because some companies they hatch an additional SV Angel and Yuri · Milner Yuri Milner $150 thousand investment Start provided by Fund.

talks about flexibility, Graham says he’ll ask entrepreneurs if they will consider different but related ideas. If the other party refuses, that’s a bad sign. Imagination is similar to flexibility. "We would say, ‘have you tried this or thought about that?’" Graham said. "Sometimes, the other person not only understands our intentions, but he can go even further."."

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he also appreciates the "cynical" entrepreneurs. "Startups often need to do something that’s not sure," he says. "You certainly don’t want to be obedient.". You want these people to understand and be willing to do something challenging."

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Beijing time on June 25th morning news, the U.S. technology incubator Y Combinator founder Paul · Graham Paul Graham TechCrunch Disrupt said at the meeting, the four qualities he will value entrepreneurs in the choice of investment targets: determination, flexibility, imagination and cynical.

Graham talks about Loopt founder Sam · Altman Altman, he applied for Y Combinator when he was sophomore. Graham turned him down, mistaking him for freshman year, so he could come back later. But Altman did not stop there. "He said," I’m a sophomore, and I’m here. "" Graham recalls.


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he hopes the founders will have a firm resolve. "Some people are bent on getting what they want," Graham said. "They’re not going to be negative, they won’t lose their way." But he also admitted that it was difficult to determine whether the other party was determined in 10 minutes, but businesses that submitted applications for incubation to Y Combinator usually had such a long interview time. 10 minutes is hard to tell whether a person is determined or not. We are often cheated." He said.

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American technology incubator Y Combinator founder Paul · Graham

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