7 Aug / 2017

Electronic Commerce a role on the road of innovationYAHOO bidding product specification other allian

11, YAHOO will be put in a code auction sites with illegal content, such as pornography, gambling, violence station station all countries banned content sites, as well as the influence of the brand image of the YAHOO auction site.

due to the interests of customers and YAHOO for reputation, please cooperate with all partners in the implementation of the provisions of this.



just as a bridge role is not enough, should be "2" as a character, I get what in the end, what I can offer at the other end? "2" as a platform for the role, I want to be integrated into the end to go inside.

cooperation: to establish cooperation with logistics companies to provide the ultimate guarantee for the purchasing behavior of consumers, which is one of the hard conditions of B2B platform.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

bridge!   respected Ali union publishers:

in order to ensure the integrity of cooperation and YAHOO for publishers to legitimate rights and interests, to establish a fair and equitable cooperation platform, hereby announced YAHOO for products on the specification, please partner in accordance with the norms on bidding YAHOO products.

1,     YAHOO bidding products from the site function button area near, including from the download button, click on the play, the article page, etc. distance of more than 15 pixels;
2,     YAHOO bidding code put on, with obvious interference user clicks blank;
3,     games or audio and video playback, Download YAHOO auction products;
4,     YAHOO bidding code display incomplete;
5,     in the YAHOO bidding code web pages, in addition to advertising, without any substance;
6,     one page has YAHOO bidding codes from different accounts and different sites;
7,     YAHOO bidding code launch page automatic refresh;
8,     made floating, popups or other special display effects, put YAHOO bidding code;
9,     hidden YAHOO auction products: Adsense may through JS and other means to click open interface hidden or automatic shielding, resulting in user clicks still can not see the YAHOO bidding product interface;


first, the introduction of electricity supplier mode

services: logistics is mainly to provide consumers with purchasing services, so as to achieve another transaction.

B2C is the abbreviation of Business-to-Customer, and its Chinese abbreviation is "business to guest"". "Business to customers" is a model of e-commerce, which is commonly referred to as the direct retail marketing model for consumers, products and services. This form of e-commerce is generally based on the Internet retail industry, mainly through the Internet to carry out online sales activities. B2C, that is, enterprises provide consumers with a new shopping environment through the Internet – online shops, consumer online shopping, online payment and other consumer behavior.

B2B also written as BTB, is the abbreviation of Business-to-Business is refers to the enterprise and between enterprises through the private network or Internet, transfer, exchange of data information, to carry out trading activities of the business model; the use of the Internet technology or business network platform, to complete the process of business transactions. E-commerce is a modern B2B marketing is one of the main form; it intranet and enterprise products and services through the B2B website or mobile client closely together with our customers, through the rapid response network, provide better service for customers, so as to promote the business development of enterprises.

we do a lot of Internet business students, too much too little exposure to some items; these items may be able to give you the occupation experience but I always feel less strategic vision, many of the company’s electricity supplier to platform development model to enclosure, ignoring their own foothold; be true the significance of doing a connecting businesses and suppliers of

mainly contains three elements:

Trading: B2B websites or mobile platforms provide consumers with high quality and low price goods, which attract consumers to buy and promote more merchants to settle in.

now is the fire B2B, C2B, C2C, O2O and other platforms mode are done at one end, or in the future what kind of pattern should be around 2 to be extended; platform do 2 function to end the introduction of passenger flow.

10, in the vicinity of YAHOO’s bidding products, the emergence of inductive language, such as "click on advertising to support the station", "click on advertising before you can download" and "click advertising after registration member" and other descriptions;

I think


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