7 Aug / 2017

After 90 geeks college dropouts nternet companies into the establishment of the Forbes listNew mod

SegmenFault’s initial location was a question and answer community for Chinese developers, and a year later, more than 100 thousand developers gathered. At present, SegmentFault is Asia’s largest hacker marathon organization, the scale of activities covered by the domestic first-line Internet City, as well as Taipei, Singapore, the United States, Silicon Valley and other regions.

"understand" this word, in my and Gao Yang’s chat, appeared N+1 times.

do not be afraid of users to earn your advertising fees, become traffic slaves and share AD feast, are two distinct user experience, operators need to understand a little, in fact, users can not take your money. For users, can earn >

Gaoyang Wensan Road, is a three storey building building, first floor, two floor office on the third floor is used for staff or student living. Many people do not understand the word "SegmenFault". The translation means "wrong paragraph", but even so, many people still don’t know why. This is Gao Yang and his teammates proud, because this is a programmer can understand. "". After all, SegmenFault is one of the programmers were removed from the network to gather.

is a kind of advertisement, the user is not objectionable, that is once popular "Wangzhuan", why, because users can earn money. In fact, for most users, and did not earn what money, however, this mode allows users to believe, can earn money through advertising, is enough to make users like a flock of ducks.

every word I say, he will use "clear" to respond and confirm. Just like the end of each command in the programming process, hit the return key so simply.

Gao Yang said, SegmenFault is in order to build a better and more professional platform for these talents, because professional, so only by insiders Pro gaze.


, the sunshine boy is Gao yang. He was only 24 years old, has become the 2014 science and technology has a dark horse — the day before, by the "Forbes" released "30 Under 30 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old" list, Gao Yang as SegmenFault stack technology co-founder and CEO were selected, and the stack technology has become the only list Hangzhou based company.

incentive mechanism, in other words, is to allow users to achieve a sense of accomplishment. A sense of achievement is similar to something such as a happiness index, which varies from person to person, money, status, honor, etc., can inspire a sense of accomplishment, and even "everyone is drunk, I wake up alone" is not a small sense of achievement. How can we combine the sense of accomplishment with advertising, or why do we want users to achieve a sense of accomplishment through advertising?

The simplest and most effective way for

sitting on the toilet reading headlines to see the vice version, after the Deputy version had to look at the raphe ads, the traditional newspaper media that carry on and in a specific space and time irreplaceable; a film is divided into seven or eight sections, you can’t last the toilet every ten minutes, so only to bide in advertising in front of the TV, not as long as the "sheep sheep" will endure, this is television visual aggression. However, our online advertising? Banner, float, popups can be filtered through technical means, the arrival rate is almost zero, projection, inserting the advertisement you don’t have to consider misplacing, user experience, free online because many things, a website is only things for 1 seconds, this is the network strong substitutability. If you want to advertise and don’t want to lose users, you can only try to change the feeling of user experience, that is, you need a set of patterns to change the attitude of users to advertising!

review: "Forbes" judges, Wang Huai to view the founding investment partner, former Facebook manager to Gao Yang’s comments: SegmentFault and Chinese need such a heart to the young people community management. They are also the geek, geek culture preacher. And the spread of this geek culture, will have a great role in promoting China’s Internet circle.

online games is the most successful business model using the Internet, and its success is due to the establishment of a sound user motivation mechanism. If you want to do well in online advertising, you must also set up your own user motivation mechanism to motivate your users.

and in fact, Gao Yang’s experience and actions, in many parents who behave in accordance with the law, must be a disobedient, disobedient bad child. Fortunately, however, he said he had a liberal and trusted parents.

The company is located in Hangzhou

to build incentives is to let users feel they can make money, and you have to let users make money. We can build a simple model. For example, you have 10 thousand users, 100 thousand advertising for a month, if you give 80 thousand users, 8 dollars per person, then you next month to develop the number of users? These users can make many value-added ads? And then to bring the number of users? This is a benign cycle, should be willing to spend money to the user. Of course, can also use a little skill into some other elements such as motivation, some advertisements are only forwarded to some users, only a certain investigation and identity can be increased and so on, as long as these together, can be arbitrary, in a word: let users see advertising like see the money.

says, SegmenFault and the Zhejiang daily newspaper group have a lot

in June 2012, when SegmenFault was founded, the whole team only three people: 90 years of birth of Gao Yang, 85 years of Qi Ning and 87 years of Dong Feng, now SegmenFault already has 10 family members.

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