7 Aug / 2017

Ways and means of local website profitAbout WeChat industry number local business some ideas

of course, writing soft text to enterprises is also a good move. Hunan online is a Hunan daily web site with many famous Hunan celebrities. If your website can rely on the network interactive platform of humanity has the trust and praise of users, to attract the attention of government departments, educational institutions, enterprises, businesses, students and other high-grade, so you can call your editorial team to help enterprises to write some soft wen. Soft Wen published way, of course, is your website, it is best to publish in the home page, for the enterprise and personal image display, provide the best website platform.

micro signal related entrepreneurship is divided into the following categories: 1, WeChat marketing plan; 2, WeChat large operations; 3, enterprise WeChat generation operators; 4, WeChat marketing training, etc.. In fact, determine the direction according to their own circumstances. And it’s never too late to enter.

, and local numbers are easier to find customers than industry numbers. After all, the number of fans in the industry is distributed throughout the country, so it is difficult to find some large companies or some products with a wide range of customers to do marketing. And the local number, fans are relatively concentrated, advertising resources will be very much, very much. Mainly to do marketing for local life service enterprises, basically is a city of millions more of the population, for local corporations, and marriage, idle away in seeking pleasure and wealth management, decoration… Not listed,… It is too much.

not long ago, WeChat began to write off some of its illegal accounts, and it seems that WeChat marketing has entered a new twist. It is understood that most of the large grass roots have begun to do trade numbers and local numbers. At the same time, some investors began to find some WeChat venture investment projects. As the general public number increases, fans are weak, it is difficult to expand the base of fans. So, by contrast, doing industry numbers and local value is very high, the opportunity to profit will be greater.

Hunan online is a website, is also a local portal, the author of this website, for example, analysis of how profitable local websites.

first, website ads

fourth and VIP charge

website forum, there are many points gold plan, so that some Internet users through the promotion of BBS content in exchange for points, a web site to do free promotion, two greatly improve the popularity of the article. Of course, we should pay attention to the content of information promotion must be useful to the Internet users, otherwise, it will cause netizens to feel disgusted and gain profits, but lost the people’s morale, it is a bit more harm than good.

third, integral or gold coin purchase and consumption

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website has a column called Wei Ping, is an infant products company do together, the company name is Wei Ping mother, inside the content relates to the company’s all baby products, such measures will not only enrich the contents of the site, the accumulation of the majority of users, and the title of the business channel also bring to the company the creation is far greater than the general advertising profits.

you can see a lot of ads on the Hunan online website, but these ads are related to their columns. It can be said that many websites rely on advertising to bring in the status quo of income. But what I want to say is that no matter how much advertising you make, how much space you have, you must first be loyal to your Internet users, so that they can find the information they need and find the life service they need. Only the Internet users in the first place in order to get more returns, we can not blindly believe that advertising is to make money.

Hunan online talent online, VIP is a key of the charges, and some communication enterprises and talents, who released the employer, have VIP fees, can see the personnel information and release information etc..

is a health, financial, automotive and IT industries, or Shanghai, Beijing and other local, 20W fans, its value is very high, the industry number equivalent to a 20W subscription industry magazine, the local number is equivalent to a 20W issue this newspaper. A 20W Volkswagen number and a 10W financial management number, financial enterprises will certainly choose 10W’s financial management number. And I think, this 10W fan industry number for the enterprise customized to do a marketing advertising, charges should be more than ten thousand yuan. For businesses, marketing should be good.


the difficulty is how to accumulate fans, the local number is also >

why industry numbers and local numbers are more valuable? WeChat marketing itself has a more precise advantage, and industry numbers and local numbers are more precise in the precise. Recently, a lot of 10W, 20W or more of the large, are in a variety of advertising, such as APP advertising, band number, etc., 10W fans of the public big, earn about 2000 a day, has been pretty good. Now the market is 50 yuan / ten thousand, fans prices are done. Real profit should be some brand advertising to bring more profits, but 20W fans for brand advertising is still less, and for enterprise is not precise fans. Unless you can integrate millions of fans, and then some Brand Company advertising resources. It’s still difficult for most people. So now many large ads are very suffer, and did not reach the ideal level of profitability.

second, channel naming

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