8 Aug / 2017

Anxiety confusion disappointment self help investors in this era of adventure storiesThey won th

‘s entry into VC from PE looks like an unwise choice. "A lot of pay cuts and a totally different way of thinking.". But Wang Yan does not care, PE’s rigorous and conservative can no longer meet him. "PE will always be a safer choice, can make two or three times the deal, which will miss the high growth and high returns, but also high risk deal. "

founder and CEO Chen Shaojie said to titanium media, this round of financing will be mainly used to improve the user experience, including more rich and diverse content, more smooth product experience.


Betta live ."

editor’s note: for young people, this time into the VC industry, you can also grab the tail of the industry bonus.

and a new round of financing money can also let the betta live in no hurry to the business model will be realized, more time and money to improve the user experience, enhance the user capacity, to create high-quality broadcast content.

1, fashion young

received by the Tencent, Betta lead investor Sequoia Capital, capital Chinese Nanshan $100 million fall about 670 million yuan B round of financing;

insiders pointed out that in a fully competitive market, and ultimately achieve leadership continues to expand the Matthew effect on capital backing, this is the winner of the practice. According to these data released in March this year, Betta live platform reached 15 million active users, the number of monthly active users is 200 million, has occupied 70% market share in segments. >

however, they are full of hope, but there are quite a few disappointments left. Still cling to, but also inevitably need to worry and confusion, and strive to seize the fleeting sense of accomplishment.

yesterday Betta live re 1 billion 500 million yuan financing, investment and investment led by the Phoenix Tencent, deep venture, fashion capital, Shanghai Hongmeng Qing Cheng, Nanshan capital with the cast, which also hit the broadcast industry, the largest single financing amount. This financing from a $100 million round of financing is only less than 6 months after the completion of this round of financing, has become a fish in addition to several listed platform, first entered the C round of broadcast platform.

, such as Li Yuan VC practitioners, in China, probably tens of thousands.


he cited an example: "in 2012, a large domestic Internet Co wanted to finance the purchase of shares of major shareholders, valued at about $30 billion. I was very optimistic about the company, but the boss is questioned, was the largest Internet companies sh419 but also the $70 billion market capitalization, the company also has many upside? And, even in only a small shareholder, contrary to the investment logic KKR seeking holding. "

In November 2015

broadcast industry has undoubtedly become a hot Internet outlet, has become a microcosm of Betta the rapid development of the industry to a certain extent. With the influx of more and more competitors, the live broadcast platform needs to set up higher barriers to competition, and the introduction of strong investment partners will also bring more confidence to the platform in the brutal competition.

September 2014 Sequoia Capital China Macropodus A $20 million round of financing;

also from the top left after the PE VC into the third week Yi once.

Li Li threw all the papers into the shredder and pressed the switch. After a roar, the office fell silent. He quietly covered the door and left the fourth investment offices he served. He was also left behind with an investment career of up to 7 years.

this way, not only is KKR, most PE have missed this could bring the excess return of the project, it also let Wang Yan once again realize that their more yearning is full of adventure and infinite possibilities of the VC industry.

Berkeley, a graduate of Wang Yan, worked for 2 years at a top dollar fund, his second job since KKR.

is one of several listed old live broadcast platform, under financial pressure, unable to participate in the live broadcast of the war, and the other side is out of the "loser"". Currently live in the game field, Betta in terms of market share or monthly number of active users are at the forefront, and fish can quickly throw off competitors, even over those old broadcast platform Ti media which were analyzed in the previous reports, but also not unrelated to fish in the financing of the compact pace.


Abstract: with the influx of broadcast industry, more and more competitors, broadcast platform to build higher barriers to competition, and the introduction of strong investment partners, will also bring more clout as a platform in the cruel competition.

‘s shiny VC industry is always attracting the best young people, who are extraordinary, ambitious, and coming from all directions, making the industry full of excess IQ, hormones, and fighting.

won the April 2014 Betta Austrian flying animation chairman Cai Dongqing 20 million yuan Angel round of investment;

, "I’m a very idealistic and optimistic person, more likely to see the possibilities and imagination, so it’s better for early investment.". What’s more, what VC is looking for is the black swan. I like this unconventional way of thinking. "

in such a sudden expansion and the sudden tightening of large information management era, VC industry only these young people personal sorrow and joy, but you know best.

this round of financing, the amount of financing fish this year has been more than 2 billion yuan.

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