8 Aug / 2017

Why bother to downgrade a little view on the nternet industry and traditional industryStanding on t

maybe we think there will be a lot of investment, but in fact, if you do it, you don’t need a penny!

in the downgrade theory, the main point is to say how hard the IT industry is, how difficult it is and how critical the users are. The author believes that everyone should downgrade based on: IT industry people grasp the hearts of users better, more attention to the user experience, have better, more convenient way of Internet promotion and resources, and so on. Of course, these are all right, but the most basic ignored, that is gehangrugeshan. Of course, it is undeniable that the IT industry elite and more, they may enter a new industry can quickly learn some things, but even if it is a wise man, he put a completely new industry, estimated to adapt and learn a few years now, and this industry it is also a less sophisticated industry. In this paper, the author gives an example, that is to let Microsoft software engineer to pig it can bring change in the industry, which is estimated according to the NetEase to raise up to Ding Lei for example, the fact is: Ding Lei once China richest man, Internet gangster level people may indeed have a good pig return, but he is in pig’s influence and revenues of more than NetEase? Obviously >!

1, a web site,

3, publicist

website? Free space? NO, we must say no to free space if you do alliance, which will not go on the website, the biggest loss is not money, but the credibility! Want to let others believe you, well, from now on you have to save your reputation. From far away, and then come back, then you can find the site where the IDC do not know what to ask sh419, sh419 is the best teacher, they have a lot of idle servers, tell them your ideas, they will give you the investment of a server I pro test, but you need a plan.

China Wangzhuan market is very chaotic, when the novice to join the start or click, or surfing, there are a lot of people to buy items. You know, the income and expenditure of the market is very coordinated, there is money, then the corresponding, there will be money. If you have an item that earns $100 a day, would you give it to someone else,

well, so how do we do? If you calm analysis, found that this can give you a safe life, OK Boddy! Will follow your ideas well, but what do you do if you feel you from the inside to make money? Well, to play the league the role of. Since it’s the Pyramid model, we’re on top of it.

2, technician

we do Wangzhuan analysis should be sensible about, now most of the Wangzhuan got into Pyramid, when doing this kind of Wangzhuan the first to analyze the alliance, make what? You go by what your downline money? How to make money? How much is the market saturation? This needs a very calm the analysis, when you sad or unhappy, can calculate the.

, I’ll say, what do you need for an alliance,


finished the buffet pot shop, and here’s an article about fire that was burning for some time. First of all, I am only a very junior Internet practitioner, removed a few years no progress, and "demote theory" author IT Daniel Luo Hao certainly are as entrepreneurial heaven and earth, have no what to get qualified expert for three four. But this is only said the individual simple views, will certainly have little effect, but not with the downgrade on. So reckless write out, if there is inadequacy, still hope.

small fan had also started to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, now has 04 years not so profitable, but as long as have their own ideas, a month thousands of fast money is no problem, for everyone to send me the original tutorial written today, now has the small fan for SEO, I hope everyone can visit me the station shenp.cn the editor in brackets deleted it, link left me Mody


How do

went with my sister to a buffet restaurant in the little city on Saturday night to go to the buffet and found the shop so hot that she lined up at the pay desk. Later, squeezed for a long time, finally pay, find a place to do, began to eat. A thought which met our buffet two chowhound only luck, but I have to finally speak loudly when the rough estimate consumed 15 yuan at most things, this is according to the market price, but the store charge is 39 yuan per person. So we begin to say, wow, this shop is good money ah! My brother is still another miser, chowhound, there is still a little crazy. So began to count this store, how much revenue each year?. Traffic he a day should be the average of about 300 people, 39 yuan per person, every day there are about 10000 yuan of income. Well, I don’t know what the profit margins of the catering industry are, but at least 30% of them, that is to say, this store has a net profit of at least 3000 a day, and the annual profit is about 1 million. Of course, this is a rough estimate that has not been tested. However, the above paragraph is not random, the following useful, the conclusions drawn only for the following and the Internet industry comparison.

technicians, what is the most valuable talent?. So how to find free and valuable things? The technical personnel of the market saturation is very high now, high-end low-end is not found, and no, so we need to target in the low-end, alliance does not need too much knowledge, many technicians have nothing to do, as a case, we can with >

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