8 Aug / 2017

Year end planning 2012 failed venture projectsTaobao users use shlf1314 free advertising costs earn



Groupon launched on March 2010, group purchase business first opened 368 City, the peak, a total staff of over 2300 people, with more than 20 thousand group purchase choice every day, with more than 18 million members, independent IP month hundreds of millions, tens of millions of Japanese IP, in sh419 billboard and Alexa user visits ranked tops the list. It was the most large-scale group buying website in China, and it was also the only group buying website in China to realize the 2010 annual profit. We still remember, in the office building of Beijing, there is the propaganda advertisement of "Bao Bao net" everywhere, and the three spokesmen appear frequently in various places. At that time, no one doubted that there would be a big problem. At that time, the "hundred regiments war" in full swing, the purchase of various sites have hired spokesmen, wantonly advertising, in order to further expand popularity.

Looking back at

can remember only rare, most of the projects are expected to break through in silence. As Lu Xun said, either break out in silence or perish in silence. According to 17Startup statistics, as of December 23rd, 24 points, including a total of 6491 companies, has shut down the number of sites reached 643, close to 1/10. In these startups, both companies once glory, has since its birth has No one shows any interest in the project, the current popular e-commerce, social networking, cloud computing, also has bad street but not to see the way type.

2012, more and more able and ambitious people have come to the road of entrepreneurship. Now this era, entrepreneurship is a hot word, the realization of dreams, creating products, financing, listing, wealth and other temptations, so many people have embarked on the road to entrepreneurship. But the road to entrepreneurship is not always smooth sailing. Not everyone on the road can succeed.

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however, the eve of Spring Festival in 2012, but came Groupon CEO Ren Chunlei run away. Most of the 30 stations in the national treasure net were abolished and more than 400 employees left, but not yet in the company

typical case: Bao Bao network



I am not very proficient in SEO this profound knowledge, understand a website, art is very poor, single page promotion SEO do not very good, I do not understand, a two do not understand website design do not like the world Master as very beautiful and practical web site, and believe that there are many I like the guest students. But everything has a flexible approach, this road can not go, can not go from another path, recently, shlf1314 everywhere pull customers account, send 1000-350 pieces of advertising costs. This ad fee is very good, apply to the site, tutorials everywhere, here does not give a detailed description of the main introduction of the application after the advertising fees, what should I do?.

in fact my method is very simple, is to use a website to promote good keyword positioning itself, the most important is the keyword positioning does not require too hot are like "women", such as taobao I don’t do this kind of competition, the reason is very simple, you may give all the advertising costs are put have not seen and imagined that effect. My main push is cold class keyword promotion to find high commission, you can order the user experience to do a simple single page to promote, as in "breast products" this kind of shlf1314 to promote the effect is very good. Set 50 ads per day, commission income can reach almost 100. Of course, there are many similar keywords to give full play to their mana. Someone might say, "who doesn’t understand such a simple way?". But the problem is how you do the same simple things, different people do it, and the results are different. The method here focuses on the application of shlf1314’s advertising fees. I am now 15 shlf1314 advertising to promote my hand on the station a cost of advertising a promotion, you do not have to use the 15 sites can be a single page website and so on. In fact, this income is good, and now shlf1314 this activity is still hot, why don’t you let free shlf1314 advertising fees to earn money for you?

today, we’re going to take stock of 2012 X failures. I hope you can get some inspiration from it and help to set up a new goal in 2013.

in fact, the reasons for learning failed startups are better than listening to successful experiences, and the living ones are more alarming. Perhaps you have been in the process of entrepreneurship, such a thing has occurred, or there is a sign of this state of affairs. We may have heard many reasons for the failure of some companies, but they have happened again and again.

failure reason: blind expansion, lack of management

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