8 Aug / 2017

Big secret Venture capitalists in the circle of bribery unspoken rulesChange Taobao guest station m


investment manager dealing with money all day long, temptation naturally a lot, kickbacks is one of them, in other words, investors are the biggest enemy of their own heart of greed.

3, the sale of Ali’s mom on time advertising.

I do Taobao off it for a long time, also met a lot of customers do Taobao webmaster, I know a Taobao guest, he has about 2000 of the income each month, although not very high, but for those of us rookie webmaster even if good. He didn’t earn his money by selling Taobao goods, but mostly by selling his mother’s advertising. His website is shopping information and API combination of Web sites, API to bring him traffic, information to help him sell advertising! Think about it, he’s such a station model is really good, income has double protection!


2, information articles insert various types of Taobao guest product advertising, homemade a similar GG content matching advertising.

for other industries, such as purchasing or selling, if you say a small amount or thank you, usually the rebate is subject to industry or company bosses default.

below provides the call code of this plug-in, so that you can study, copy the following code to save as the suffix for the.Html file, double-click to see the effect. Consult :1296438146 evening at

, the 38 festival of 2017, is the most memorable day for AA in 20 years.

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mentioned above, "according to web content matching Taobao commodity advertising", you can say, according to the keyword in the page to match Taobao products, the technology used or API interface. The benefits of doing so is to simply add the ad code in the template, can be automatically matched to the Taobao products, and the promotion of goods will not link failure, eliminating a lot of added Taobao goods time! I had a station Taobao clothing city has been working on this, you are free to see this plug-in effect renderings are as follows:

AA the king was shocked, as a founding partner, they have always been strict, do not know how the former partner and then through the layers of regulation, but he must be held accountable for processing, investment manager and former partner, or failed to live up to the trust of LP.

! But for

the answer is, of course, no..

4, if sh419 will also include Taobao guest website, then, according to the site type, select the appropriate Taobao category to do API promotion, in order to improve the amount and traffic flow.

but change a point of view, the investment is highly dependent on the industry, investment managers create great value for the company, for example, a mining project has created a great value for the company, and the investment manager to pay the physical and mental labor hard, needless to say, but it is pitiful wages, they and cannot enjoy the investment of the project is the biggest bonus of Carry, and the company returns and how much they missed, as a worker, they also have life, therefore, there are some people.

the day before yesterday, at 12, he received a call from his partner, and the things he had heard about kickbacks had happened to their company, and it was a legacy of his former partner who needed his help.

then, should the investment manager take kickbacks and kickbacks because he has too little income?

follows the quote:

in the United States, according to a 2016 report by the Chartered Institute of chartered financial analysts, investors generally believe that ethical standards of investment managers are more important than performance. Similarly, the enterprise for its own investment, moral self-discipline also put forward higher requirements.

you know, June 5th is a black Saturday for the majority of customers Taobao webmaster friends, sh419 has taken measures to Taobao K station guest website, almost all goods page is sh419 K sh419 Taobao light! No longer pay attention to guest website, the guest website there is a way to do Taobao

1, the main direction of development for information sites, such as attention to women, clothing, cosmetics, make-up category of the special website.

is the investment manager taking kickbacks because he has too little income?

, the investment industry, this kind of behavior is attributable to the investment manager to the moral behavior, because the return to investment, investment manager took the company wages, wages should be the investment interests of the company, to complete their work, such as what the industry is worth the investment, which conforms to the standard of a project investment, then investment behavior after discussion the Commission decided, not their personal behavior, if the investment manager got a rebate, this will not be worth the investment project possible packaging investment, harm the interests of LP, thereby affecting the entire company’s investment performance.

or according to the original construction model: download a free Taobao API off site source to do some promotion after let sh419 included and bring traffic, the answer is negative, is certainly dead! But if the change of thinking, maybe have a bright sky

this is a recent real thing, therefore, venture capital circles also unspoken rule has been opened the water, in this regard, in order to complete the creation of original intention and dream Mr. GPLP GPLP, Mr. GPLP today to talk a little bit about investment manager kickbacks unspoken rule.

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in view of this, I have come up with a good site building model, roughly as follows:

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