11 Aug / 2017

Be vigilant! The new love Shanghai bidding package scam and a bunch of people

answer, this scam is the original body, love Shanghai launched last year a product called knowledge marketing.

, worry and effort!

often overlooked brand knowledge marketing

recently do not know if there is no customer received this phone:


the passage of time, with a better understanding of the promotion and love Shanghai, love Shanghai official infiltration system in each region, this kind of simple love Shanghai package auction scam has gradually fade out of people’s vision. However, the saying goes, one upmanship! The new package form is formed……

love Shanghai index 100+, charging about 10 thousand

love Shanghai know the benefit of advertising in Shanghai, love is love Shanghai know their own products, we can have a pretty good location in the search results page, and the needs of people usually go to see love Shanghai know, but compared to search marketing, love sea know advertising nature and not so obviously.

The person claiming the …

all this from a regional agency canceled the agency said. As we all know, the regional agency love Shanghai can earn money, but not as good as the yiyanbuge will cancel the right of agency. A well-known regional agency, after the cancellation of the agency, the company will use a large number of employees of Shanghai products to understand love, love Shanghai auction enterprises recommended package of products and services, and even charge thousands of several thousand dollars, by controlling the keywords consumption, to the actual consumption extremely low to earn the difference. It is reported that this kind of business involving billions of dollars, a lot of people seem to pit.

love Shanghai index 1000+, charging about 30 thousand

products have been marketing knowledge is very valuable, especially just dropped in advertising.

last week for everyone secret "IKey bacteria love Shanghai bidding package" scam. This article came out, immediately triggered a hot debate in the industry, at the same time, there are people close to edge of an upgraded version of the bacteria broke the package auction scam. Then based on the insider broke the news, today we were IKey 818 love Shanghai auction package scam those things.

so this love Shanghai know how to package advertising fees? Look especially professional – according to the industry keywords love Shanghai index fee:

believes that for customer service, marketing knowledge is a bit strange, but there are many clients, or do not know about this product.

the price is not cheap… Then the so-called love Shanghai know, a

In fact,

package fee, no need to worry about the malicious click

love Shanghai index 500+, charging about 20 thousand

signed a framework agreement with the Shanghai headquarters of love (again, special agent framework!) love Shanghai know advertising.

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