11 Aug / 2017

How the website was hacked and how to judge the defense

4, from the search engine brings abnormal surge.

2, check the website File >

once the abnormal, we recommend that you immediately to the site for investigation. Including:

site query with some common pornography, games, foreign gaming category keywords that can help webmasters quickly find abnormal pages, such as "site:www.***贵族宝贝

site security is priority among priorities of our website, web services are stable, are important to the user, and the station search engine. The current security issues are very serious domestic websites, many websites by third parties on behalf of the construction, maintenance personnel lack sufficient knowledge, a large number of sites have varying degrees of security and management loopholes.

Note: the Is there

if the following problems, your site may have been hacked:

3, the site content is prompted in the search results and risks.

How to judge the website by black We found that 1, through the

2, click on the site from love Shanghai in the search results page, jump to the other sites.

in Shanghai included in the site, there are black every day tens of thousands of websites, which means more subtle hacking websites, webmasters discover when it is, the problem often has happened for a long time. Once the website vulnerabilities exploited by hackers, the site will be completely were under the control of hackers: website content may be altered beyond recognition, or malicious code endanger the safety of users, or increase the number of garbage pages. The normal service, the reputation of the website and search engine performance has a certain degree of negative impact, and even may be due to tampering with the contents of suspected illegal behavior, bring unnecessary regulatory risk to you.

for our webmaster website security has always been the webmaster, I have experience of operating sites also have been black experience, also deeply realized because the site was hacked and brought serious consequences, for although the station is black will not have too much loss, but for large sites on can not be overlooked, such as lead to disclosure of user information, and even personal information is for sale, so the site security is absolutely an important link of the website operation.

gaming" One of the six major natural enemies of

is the comprehensive analysis and comparison in Shanghai Webmaster Platform data area, judging from the website was hacked to deal with and prevention have been described, and we used to share. The following is the text.

Short time traffic

site command to query the site, shows the search engine included a large number of non local stations due to the page.


analysis system and server logs, check the number of pages, the user traffic of your site is abnormal fluctuations, the existence of abnormal access or operating log;


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