11 Aug / 2017

These four consumer upgrades are just looking beautifulRen Zhengfei ‘m not afraid of external press

often happens," entrepreneur >

is that the market space is large enough. After the consumption upgrade, there is still enough space to be extended so as to have the possibility of high growth.

In the course of ?

in addition to the children’s market, the education market has a similar situation.

excerpt from Ren Zhengfei’s speech at an expert forum held in mid April, Ren Zhengfei discussed his views on technological innovation, the direction of HUAWEI’s development and potential risks at the forum. To monitor Americans, Ren Zhengfei said, "I say I am an ideological leader, not a whisper.". How can I succeed unless I tell all of my thoughts to everyone?."

however, note that both infants and older children, although known as "children", but because of the different age, their needs are very different, so there will be "a year of a market, the scale effect is not to meet the needs of the user. So when a market is fragmented and fragmented, it looks like the children’s market is big, but the exact point of entry for an entrepreneur can be very small.

1, looks great, but finely chopped market.

A core premise of

, for example, the children’s market explored by Castle Peak capital. The child market seems to be still in its infancy, growing, long user life cycles, and willingness to pay heavily. Every year the newborn continues to increase, coupled with the release of two child policy, which is a very tempting market.

Abstract: whether they are entrepreneurs or investors, in determining an opportunity to upgrade their consumption, first determine the authenticity of the demand, the difficulty of upgrading, and determine whether the opportunity to upgrade the consumption is feasible. Specific to do link in PK with the traditional market, but also to "display", make a difference.

a variety of similar consumer upgrades, entrepreneurial opportunities, market size deviation, or the difficulty of entrepreneurial opportunities judgment, become entrepreneurs in the choice of consumption upgrade direction often confused.

2 seems to have entrepreneurial opportunities, but traditional brands are ingrained.

we say that the consumer upgrade program is the opportunity for start-up companies,

MOTO, the inventor of the cellular mobile commercial system, was so successful that it exited the market in the digital age. Nortel 10G was too successful, but missed the 40G/100G transformation. The past AT&: Why did T fail? He judged the world to 2M bandwidth for communication bandwidth base, here refers to the voice of the times, they did not expect big data era, of course, we did not fully think of. Now the demand for bandwidth is depressed, and we think we’re going to think the wider the better. Is that wider, the better,


how many big companies in history have gone into great weakness after a great success?. In 70s, the Japanese electronics industry was so successful that it could buy the United States with too much money. Japan was successful in analog electronics, but it was conservative in the digital transition and made the United States go beyond it. The United States CT field has also been conservative by HUAWEI beyond, but later, the United States and from the IT field re hit the CT field, and today may even subvert the CT field.

when entrepreneurs seeking business direction, from the data reported on the market of all kinds, always see some certain market size at 300 billion, trillion forecast, why to plunge into the field of entrepreneurship, found the precise target user is not easy to get


naturally, entrepreneurs are likely to have a lot of market scale misjudgment or an error assessment of the degree of difficulty in the process of looking for entrepreneurial opportunities. Looks great, actually look down relatively small, or at this stage there is no need too much consumption upgrade, or traditional brand in this field is ingrained, is a pioneering project to transformation of the Internet, and so on, according to incomplete classification, looks very beautiful, but the illusion of entrepreneurial opportunities exist the following situations.

why entrepreneurs in financing, confidence, and feel that an entrepreneurial direction of the market is infinite, but investors are outspoken, the market capacity is too small?……



, when we’re running, it’s okay

, for a little smart, I’ve been suffering for 8 to 10 years,

lead: Ren Zhengfei: it’s easy for us to catch up, but it’s not easy to lead the team because we don’t know where the road is. I’m not afraid of pressure from the outside, but I’m afraid of the pressure from the inside.

how do we correspond to this era? I don’t know now. When we first proposed the concept of pipeline, the thinking of big data describes the development of the pipeline, how thick and how large the flow is, we do not know yet. I feel more hopeful than wired wireless to understand customer needs, because the wireless clients away from the nearest place, relatively close to the basic human needs.

‘s success, what will shape our death?. Honeycomb was originally designed for adaptation to the voice age, and may not support high-density data coverage. But what is the basic way of high density coverage, what bandwidth is the basic needs of a large number of end customers, I really do not know if you thought wrong technical assumptions, we sent out hundreds of thousands of base stations, we can not level up, how to do? The more successful this time we built the big historical burden. The future has many unpredictable qualities. Even if we hundreds of thousands of base stations have been down, as long as we take the lead than others know, early to know where we are wrong, it may be early to avoid the trajectory of failure.

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