11 Aug / 2017

How to combat white reading website planning 3 months on the home page ranking

2. spaceThe



then how do we plan a line with the search engine

1. domain name

we can through the core keywords (product or service) keywords of users are more concerned about, can love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search index, love Shanghai, love Shanghai for the background of keyword research tools, keyword mining tools, know love love Shanghai, Shanghai and so on statistical methods were analyzed, which keyword search amount is the highest. We can put it inside the Notepad is analyzed and screened with you for example, such as:


estimates love Shanghai updated recently, the website is not a lot of people and is killed, then how can we do the site planning? How should the planned site? To search engine optimization



let’s take a look at what are the problems now in site planning, such as: very large round ginto (open speed website), pseudo original navigation (does not conform to the user experience), the content of plate is unreasonable, double navigation, product advantage pictures (no alt attribute), home plate completely not in accordance with the needs of users to layout, put some industry trends, news center, the strength of the company, contact us, in fact, we can think about, think of yourself as a user, the user to buy a bracelet, most want to see what? We want to know the price should be, maintenance methods, we should distinguish between true and false. Put the plates, rather than the industry dynamics, news center, the strength of the company, contact us these plates, because the user is trying to solve a problem through our website, not Is the view of industry trends, industry trends and user not half dime.

Select ! We have found that

we can name according to the company’s brand or product names in the choice of the domain name, this is convenient for the user to remember our website, select the domain name time to select a short domain name, simple and easy to remember, also in line with the search engine optimization.

server space associated with our website, if the location is the words can be considered to use the nets server at home network space relatively fast and stable, if everyone is to do business station can be considered if the Western Digital Space for the general enterprise stand for Western Digital 100MB space is enough as we all know, the server is divided into lines, such as: Telecom, Netcom, the Great Wall broadband, railway and so on, do the national market if the best choice for multi line so as to open speed, how to aim at a certain area, you can choose one for everyone, for example, I was in Shenzhen Market and I will choose a single Western digital telecommunications server, because most of the Shenzhen Telecom is the network, so everyone in the choice of the space according to the Do the market to choose line, double, single server.

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