11 Aug / 2017

A magical site to complete Shanghai to conquer


as long as the search keywords associated with beauty or pictures, this website is ranked first in Shanghai (all love did not see the promotion on

again "display position of interest map download Co., continuous search for several key words after so conclusion, as long as the search related words and pictures (or picture) which are ranked first, and the most puzzled me all these.



I personally for Shanghai dragon itself reason is very sensitive, it lingers in the heart 2 minutes to think of, as shown above the home station query to the data is the weight of the 2 domain name for 7 months, suddenly raised to 100% interest index to find out, if the website weight is the high and long history, a series of analysis, I may not follow behind the results give me scared Mongolia circle.


yesterday afternoon I was for a customer to write a template, picture effects part of thinking with plug-in, as shown above in search of love Shanghai (Jquery picture switching effects), and the matching results are ranked first is actually this website, I was beginning to read at the Shanghai heart love system how. I love Shanghai at present is Chinese search engine giant to the user so that search results, a great loss of face.

I tried this and ask other webmaster friends, the result is not very surprising everyone said in a dream, another friend posted this Baidu贵族宝贝 to me, but I believe we have seen this kind of attitude, the following I will take you to see a magical site, I say it has been completely love the conquest of Shanghai is not an exaggeration, who claimed to be the Shanghai dragon, you pay close attention to the analysis of Daniel, when necessary, scheduled "rocket ticket" to see whether people catch up with this technology.

I said it is a magical cow X website you may question, but then you will look down estimates with their rivalry, because the page display limited size so I only screenshot explanation, in order to avoid any situation that I like, such as resort to deceit curry favour by claptrap interested friends, please download map full version, honest how to say this article classification is really contradictory, everyone is watching when Gonzo, can also analyze why.

believe that every webmaster friends have fantasy love Shanghai first, we study every day in Shanghai Longfeng, write original, outside the chain and so on, are hoping their website can get better ranking, year after year, hard struggle, day in and day out, no spare time have you ever thought of such a website, as long as it is keywords and theme line, it can natural ranking first in Shanghai

on it

the protagonist: Related words and pictures are ranked first (complete map download)

home owners inquiry to Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive data

love Shanghai wonderful match results, so I have to have interest in

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