11 Aug / 2017

Liu Jun the website opened fast user comfortable comfortable spider

website loading speed has great impact on the development prospects of the website:

said this would not have real right, the content of the zblog page will generate static, this is more conducive to the website optimization, spiders love, WordPress can also, static pages can make a web site open more quickly, but also conducive to spider crawling the page.


site using static HTML page can effectively improve website loading speed:

website loading speed is very important for the development of the site, take a long time to open the site, the vast majority of users do not have the patience to wait indefinitely, are often directly off the wrong site. The spider crawling website also follow this principle, so improve website loading speed, let the website open faster, in this respect, love Shanghai do very well.

3, from his point of view the website loading speed

"many are using table layout, but the table load faster than the DIV+CSS layout page loading speed is slow, this is not conducive to the website optimization.

2, the search engine spiders experience:

so if we want to better carry out the website optimization Shanghai Longfeng trying to improve the page loading speed, make the website to open more quickly, will create a more open web speed, website speed to positive effect on the website optimization.

from the user’s point of view, who is willing to go to the traffic of a half a day to open the website. If you go to the starting point to read the novel, see page 3 minutes, turn a page that takes 1 minutes, you remember to look at the back of the content, the website open half a day, what would you do? I will continue to look at the novel to a website. In fact, even if the owners from their own point of view, if you go to the A5 chain, A5 open half a day, a link speed are affected, you say too annoying

1, from the user experience on website loading speed:


discuss some of the techniques and methods to improve page load speed:

? page layout trialBefore

a lot of friends and Wuhan Shanghai dragon like Liu Jun have their own independent blog, either Z-blog or WordPress, when you write a blog, blog for a long time when not open, do not know will not affect your writing mood, at least in Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun is not often this kind of thing.

spider every day will visit our website a few times, if just a spider to the site, open half a day, sometimes one or two times just, again and again to this trouble. When guests come to visit the owner who, for a long time the owner will not open the door, and occasionally one or two, guests can endure, and if so, it would not be willing to visit in the estimation.

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