11 Aug / 2017

ncrease website content pages included some experience to share

with love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, more and more websites through the pseudo original even collected content from before, can easily achieve the content included, at this stage of the website could not become the difficulty of the website operation, but with the advent of love Shanghai original spark program, it becomes very difficult to start the website content and even some original content are very difficult to collect, and a website is only if the web page was collected, many pages of content not included, for the site’s future development is extremely unfavorable, which is the core of this on the website is not only the basis of survival and development of the site, is to enhance the website the key factor in the search engine exposure rate, so how to love in the new Shanghai algorithm easy to increase the original site in Let

I think we can from the following several aspects to begin, because the website content page is the quality of the original, of course, there are other factors, the following is to analyze several factors from this.

The quality of

is the last release of the content of the website and update frequency, in fact this is a lot of stationmaster all know, because the original content of the web site.

went on to talk about the site content layout, this is in fact all the minor details but once do not pay attention to, work in this area, it will bring harm to included, because now by many of the content of the website is mixed map and text form for this form if the picture is too large, the text is too small, plus the picture itself ALT attribute no relevant settings, leading to the site is not sensitive to its content, it is difficult to increase the possibility of nature included.


firstly, website content, website content quality is a relatively vague words, because what kind of content is quality, what kind of content does not have the quality, for spiders can not easily clear, but as a webmaster to pay attention to their own methods to distinguish spam spiders content, Never mind General Acquisition the content and statement impassability, full text and keywords linked content tend to determine the original content of spam, so the webmaster should as far as possible the release of high quality, the content itself to reflect and related websites, the content will generally be included in love in Shanghai.

then is on the content of the construction of the chain, the chain the more general content page, you can get the chances of love Shanghai included more high, but it should be noted that the new website is the original content, in the just released soon, I went to some large websites reproduced or published. Although the extended link belt from the railway station, but this does not mean that love Shanghai included after the content is from the original website included, it is also possible that the high weight website is a masterpiece, for those who like for the new webmaster friends is obviously unfair, this author believes in the chain to publish original the content, make a note of the time difference, let the spider can successfully determine which is the first release, so that it can determine the original content of the starting station.

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