11 Aug / 2017

n order to change the status quo to calm face was down the right site

calm state of mind


when a site is down right after we need not everywhere post stall asked the reason for his site, you don’t even know the reason to be right down, what others may understand? If a website type is a joke, and B to do business, when a site is down right, run to ask why B your site is down right, B will general enterprise site optimization according to their own experience to give a analysis, but only get a reason as a reference, after all enterprises and individual station details of the site optimization technique is different, of course B to give reasons out of their own analysis a, do you want to set up these reasons immediately, and then come to deal with.

in the website optimization process, the site is down right but is in fact a very common thing, now a lot of successful sites are more or less experienced site is down right. If we pass in the street site drop right after the search engine to scold inhumane, search engine index does not have what use? As the desalination of all this, every day to do their own thing, to analyze your site is down the right problem where not personally think is better? A website is not experienced, is down right or be K, so this site will be successful, as the saying goes, experienced the vicissitudes of life of the people is the most qualified to speak. It was down in our site, we are all at the search engine or not to face this problem? The cursed search engine does not help to recover, only you seem very childish. I think, when the site is down right, we need calm analysis of the reasons, calm state of mind and calm for recovery is the most critical.

analysis of the causes of

if you every day around webmaster type forum website, you will find all sites are right after the posts appear every day, the reasons for this kind of post content or ask down the right, or is called search engine. For the first, the emotion is also acceptable, but every day there are repeated problems, many webmaster even too lazy to go. Because that is your own site, you don’t even know why your site is down right, that you do not understand their site conditions, while others know how? Their long-term business things do not understand. Like when the shop sells clothes, even clothes over whether the safety certification, manufacturers agree on sale do not know how to sell to customers? Similarly, website optimization, if your site is down right after the first thing to do is try to easily produce negative emotional downward pressure, or we can change the perspective of site is down right this event, it is a kind of experience to improve their Shanghai dragon technology. According to the Buddhist, the common heart is to deal with all emergency medicine. In the same site is down right after the owners need to maintain a normal, to cause the rapid analysis of the right to be reduced, it is a powerful guarantee for the rapid recovery.

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