11 Aug / 2017

For the 360 search and search the views of some love Shanghai

In fact, a lot of information

found the problem, just think this afternoon at the press center to see the 360 CEO Zhou Hongyi in the Qihoo’s 2012 annual meeting speech; the speech has a few words very let cloud television identity, he said "today, users do not want to know whether your technology is cattle, do not want to know you have what great dreams and ideas, they really care about is that you are to me to solve what problem, you are to create what value in the Internet, the growing homogenization of the product, who can start from the user, to achieve the ultimate experience, rather than simply the function list and who can really win the trust of users."

said so much, not to say that cloud television disgusted love Shanghai, nor that support 360 search; cloud television is only according to their own experience to illustrate his point of view, I am more.

Qihoo for the company to enter the search engine in the news, in fact they just released already understand, they also experienced the search engine (so贵族宝贝); is still eye-catching green color, it can be seen from above, the 360 search engines still adhering to the tenet of green in the efforts. But let us look at the love love Shanghai, Shanghai is still the most powerful search engine, but in recent years, there has been a lot of shady; let the webmaster friends lost in his mind, the webmaster is nothing more than hope that he can give their site to bring the "popularity", but was denied the PPC stationmaster hope.

just playing with its small (贵族宝贝zcoos贵族宝贝) time, found a very interesting thing. 360 IE all love can not enter Shanghai statistical background, landing to love Shanghai statistics background after, since that "in order to protect the security of your account and funds, recommended to use the following browser login". I don’t know whether I love Shanghai and the war between the 360 and further upgrade, after all these Chinese Internet giants, these little Bo in their eyes are completely ignored the fundamental.

before Zhou Hongyi’s attention, which support him, but also against his first clear; no way to say that he is a "good", but the cloud film, from the first 04 years of their hand computer, install 360 security guards in the software, so over time, never ceased to use; 360 security guards indeed gave us brought a lot of convenience, but also effectively eliminate the virus brought me pain, but it also has always adhere to the tenet of free; I want to have many people as everyone knows depends on Rising antivirus software, such as, after the installation of these computer anti-virus software running speed is very obviously slowed down, but it can make us completely from these problems. So the cloud television that 360 guards have now become an indispensable thing above PC.

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