29 Nov / 2017

360 is the interception Sogou browser said respect for users to choose

analysts said the search wars will be started or

said the experience of "hooliganism"

360 see

according to relevant sources, from 19 at 7 pm, 360 security guards to Sogou background monitoring for blocking behavior of Firefox. This allows the user to open the default browser Sogou web pages, play out is IE, to correct the 360 security guards must be closed." "Because of network security is the underlying behavior, there is no way to restore the Sogou user settings."

, 360 responded yesterday, 360 browser users cannot change the default settings, 360 did not receive the real user feedback. After the test, as long as the user actively modify the browser’s default settings, there is no problem, 360 security guards to fully respect the choice of the user.


Sogou financing issue after the dust settles, 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi said: "congratulations to Zhang Zhaoyang and Sogou, the price is good." >

news (reporter Liu Xia Ling, the 360) Sogou marriage failed, the Tencent announced to Sogou inject, some users reported recently, the default browser Sogou by 360 security guards to intercept and tamper. Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said on micro-blog yesterday, has received a large number of users to 360 complaints, forensics work is being carried out. 360 responded that there is no feedback from real users, 360 security guards to fully respect the choice of the user.

360 that irresponsible Tencent technology report, which retains the right to legal proceedings.

360 input method that a violation of user rights


the beginning of 19, there are users in the forum, micro-blog released content on your computer browser Sogou by 360 security guards to intercept, and tampering or other IE. Last night, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan also forwarded a netizen @ dragon Caiding relevant report micro-blog.

Wang Xiaochuan also forwarded comments which said, "thank you inform. We have received yesterday from around the country a large number of users to 360 complaints, micro-blog also saw a lot of feedback. The rogue behavior beyond the legal bottom line, but also a great harm to the user. The progress of our forensic work smoothly."

said micro-blog has a large number of users of a feedback input method in the user unknowingly forcibly bundled download its browser and tampering with the user default settings, which not only violate the Ministry 20 orders, but also a serious violation of the rights and interests of the users. As a security vendor, 360 and other security vendors, for such behavior, will make it to the user.

September 16th, Sogou to the dust settles, the Tencent announced its $448 million capital injection, and its search, business integration into Sogou input method. The marriage of two Tencent, Sogou accident, and rumored to offer the most likely nothing 360 sogou.


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