29 Nov / 2017

A5 marketing good title and the title of the party what is the difference

: a prominent core flowAn article in For example, we will

however, in actual operation, a lot of good articles, but not a real good title, why? We look at an example:

two: the long tail word load

today I saw an article in the Shanghai Sohu and former editor in chief of love Webmaster Platform: the title of the party and the title is really enlightening what difference?. A good article, is the punchline title, if the headline is not ideal, the whole article fail! Or, the title should be no exaggeration, the actual content, in the course of time, will only make the reader of this website and lose interest.

good title for the article will direct the focus of this article displayed in the title, not to add too much "repair"

three: the title of the party’s performance


title is amended as: "the business offer low a little regret how to do?" it would be better? Because of this title, more in line with the logic of most people, and accurate title, more conducive to the promotion of the position of search related words.


is the core of this article, but the core in the angle of optimization flow is. A simple example: the recent focus on "long seven" article out, then the core of this article is "Long March seven".

if it is not on the website users see this article, how users to query this article in the browser? Obviously, even love Shanghai included, the user does not query the relevant keywords, then this article will be lost from the search engine to obtain the flow channel.

took this "computer poisoning", in the search engines have a "poisoning the computer how to do, toxic manifestations, computer poisoning can not open the machine, computer poisoning not on the network" such words, if from Shanghai Longfeng point of view, how to write the title "/p>?

example: "computer poisoning can not open the machine on the network can not do?" such a long tail word TITLE is the integration of the users point to a problem of the Shanghai dragon title. From the perspective of website optimization, the vast majority of the editor is not such in-depth analysis of love Shanghai refers to the word, so that the efforts even original, the article also may not bring much traffic

from Shanghai Longfeng personnel perspective, "the title and the title of the party" and what is different? I hope this article can help more webmaster get flow editor.


write the title and we deploy a web site’s home page title, the title is the same as the number of channels, the number of the long tail word ranking word fusion will decide this page.

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