22 Feb / 2017

Recently added a product picture and text advertising code 16388 audio network

recently added a product picture and text advertising code -16388 audio network

add dynamic website address please register the main site after registration. The website
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16388 audio video network Guangzhou Yi network science and technology limited company’s product.
16388 video network alliance business brings you joy and gains zero risk, beginning 02 years using the website, Alliance for nearly 2 years
The actual amount of sales of goods directly back to the

1. station; have a day at least 200 people visit the site
2. independent registered 16388 alliance, get their own advertising ID, suitable for the style of the website
3. ad code striking position or relevant classification of channel 16388 alliance advertising code on your web page, do the advertising and content related to
4. to update the ad code, timely query sales background
1. billing cycle for 7 days (i.e. week pay commission) over 100 yuan, every Thursday weekly payment settlement. No caps, fee free, duty-free, less than 100 yuan will be automatically accumulate to the next week, until the full 100 yuan.
2. by your users from the registration of the 6 months of consumption to maintain the same proportion of return.

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